Adele v Matrix Guide: Maximizing Skills for Training and Bossing | Maplestory

Adele is a formidable warrior class in MapleStory, wielding aether swords with a blend of power, versatility, and mobility.

As a character from the High-Flora class and a STR-based Hero, Adele’s gameplay revolves around efficient skill utilization, especially after reaching the 5th job advancement.

This guide will delve into the intricacies of the Adele V Matrix, offering comprehensive strategies to maximize her abilities in both training and bossing scenarios.

Understanding Adele’s V Matrix

Understanding Adele’s V Matrix

The 5th Job Skills

With the V Matrix system, Adele’s 5th job skills are pivotal. Sharp Eyes and Holy Symbol emerge as crucial choices.

Sharp Eyes boosts critical damage significantly, enhancing both training and bossing capabilities.

Holy Symbol aids in training by increasing experience gains.

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Adele’s V Matrix Slot Optimization

Adele’s V Matrix Slot Optimization

Adele’s V Matrix requires efficient slot management, focusing on two perfect trios.

Each trio, consisting of three simultaneously activated skills, maximizes damage output.

Key skills for these trios include Aether Forge, Hunting Decree, and Cleave.

Aether Forge, being the primary attack skill, is critical for offensive strategies, while Hunting Decree and Cleave offer versatility in mobbing and bossing.

Advanced V Matrix Strategies

Advanced V Matrix Strategies

Choosing the Right Nodes

Adele’s node setup should be tailored to specific in-game goals.

For instance, early game players should focus on core damage nodes like Aether Forge, while late-game players might emphasize nodes that aid in chaining combos and survival.

Node Enhancement Techniques

Strategic node enhancement varies through different game stages.

Beginners should conserve resources and selectively enhance crucial nodes, whereas mid-game players should balance between mobbing and bossing node sets.

End-game players should aim for min-maxing, fine-tuning their node setups for optimal performance.

Training and Bossing

Training and Bossing

Adele’s versatility shines in both training and bossing. For training, utilizing aether skills for map clearing is key.

Bossing requires a focus on consistent basic skill usage and survival techniques, incorporating V skills like Infinity Blade for significant damage.

Equipment and Skill System

Adele’s unique equipment, primarily the Bladecaster and Dress, enhance her aether-based abilities.

Her skill system, categorized into Basic, Aether, Resonance, and V, offers a dynamic combat experience.

Skills like Aetherial Arms and Order are crucial for her gameplay.


Adele’s V Matrix is a complex but rewarding aspect of MapleStory, demanding strategic planning and skill optimization.

Whether you are an early, mid, or end-game player, understanding and tailoring your V Matrix setup is key to unleashing Adele’s full potential.

Embrace the journey of mastering Adele, and you’ll find both training and bossing a rewarding experience