Transcribing jobs in Kenya: Earn by listening /typing

Are you a good listener? Do you possess outstanding grammatical, typing and punctuation skills? If your answer is yes, then you are in the right place. You can utilize your skills by working online as a transcriptionist. Transcribing refers to listening to audio or video files and converting them into text. In simple words, you will be listening some an audio and then you will type it out one word after the other. Making money by transcribing in Kenya is possible.

There are many websites where you can find transcription jobs and make extra income online in Kenya. Most of these websites pay via PayPal but you should not worry since you can withdraw your earnings from PayPal directly to Mpesa. The earnings vary from one site to another just as some sites have long process of application.

With transcription, it does not matter whether you are a newbie or an expert. The fact that there is a lot of websites that offer transcription jobs shows that it is easy to get started even as a newbie.

10 websites where you can find the best transcription Jobs in Kenya

1. Rev

It offers both audio and video transcription.

Rev payments range between $18(Kshs 1800)to $45(Kshs 4500) per audio hour.

It is good for newbies but you will have to take a test before you are accepted.

Rev pays via PayPal which you can withdraw via Mpesa.

To join Rev, click here

Transcribing jobs in Kenya


2. Speechpad

You can do as many jobs as you wish and they also offer video captioning jobs.

Speechpad payments range between $15(Kshs 1500)to $60(Kshs 6000) per audio hour.

If you are a professional transcriptionist then you might try speechpad since if you are highly rated you will earn more.

Speechpad payments are made via PayPal twice in a week.

To join Speechpad, click here

Transcribing jobs in Kenya


3. GoTranscript

Gotranscript is suitable for newbies since it does not require any experience. However, you must do a test and if you fail you can redo it after a few days.

You will earnings will range between $2(Kshs 200) to $2.5(Kshs 250) per 10 minutes audio.

GoTranscript pays via PayPal on weekly basis.

To join GoTranscript, click here

Transcribing jobs in Kenya


4. Transcribeme

Transcribeme is a well-known transcription site which you can easily join by filling out a form and passing a test.

You can earn between $15(Kshs 1500) to $22(Kshs 2200) per audio hour.

You will be paid on weekly basis via PayPal.

To join Transcribeme, click here

Transcribing jobs in Kenya


5. Scribie

Scribie pays very little per audio transcribed compared to other websites. However, it is a popular site for newbies.

You will earn between $5(Kshs 500) to $25(Kshs 2500) per audio hour depending with the audio file you are transcribing.

As soon as you earn you can withdraw your earnings anytime and you will receive them within 24 hours to your PayPal account.

To join Scribie, click here

Transcribing jobs in Kenya


6. QA-world

Just like other transcription websites, you will have to complete a small transcription test before you are approved in QA-world.

You will also be given guidelines of what it is required of you while carrying out the transcription jobs.

QA-world pays very little mostly $0.20(Kshs 20)per audio minute.

You will be paid via PayPal weekly.

To join QA-world, click here

Transcribing jobs in Kenya


7. Quicktate

Quicktate is an ideal transcription company for beginners who want to start earning since it pays low amount.

You will be paid bi-weekly through PayPal which you can easily withdraw to Mpesa.

You will earn $0.01(Kshs 1) for every 4 words you will type for a general transcription.

You will have to pay $20(Kshs 2000) to buy the background which makes it less appealing compared to other companies.

To join Quicktate, click here

8. Castingwords

Castingwords pays rates are much better compared to some of the companies listed above.

It is mandatory for you to take a test but sometimes they may give you a quick test.

You will earn $0.085(Kshs 8.50) to $1(Kshs 100) per audio minute.

You will be paid via PayPal and the good thing is that they pay the PayPal transaction fees. You can withdraw your earnings anytime and they will be sent next Friday.

To join castingwords, click here

Transcribing jobs in Kenya


9. Transcription Hub

You will earn around $0.75(Kshs 75) per audio minute.

The payment rates will depend with how you perform in the qualification test.

You will be paid via PayPal on a monthly basis.

To join Transcription hub, click here

Transcribing jobs in Kenya


10. Upwork

Upwork not only offers transcription jobs but also other jobs such as graphic design, article writing, web programming etc.

The transcription jobs do not have a fixed pay rate. You will have to bid for the job that you want according to the payment rates.

They have a lot of jobs but you must create a very nice appealing upwork profile.

You will be paid via PayPal which can withdraw to your Mpesa.

To join Upwork, click here

Transcribing jobs in Kenya