Ardent Web Online review

I have been receiving a lot of emails asking me to write a review about ardent web online. So, I decided to carry out some research about it to see whether it is a scam or legitimate platform. I am sure you would also like to know the legitimacy of ardent web online and that’s why I have decided to write this review. If you are interested in joining ardent web online make sure you read the whole article to avoid regretting later. In this review I will only write the truth on what ardent web online entails.

Ardent Web Online


How does Ardent web online works?

Ardent web online joining fee is Kshs 1200non-refundable fee. It is a onetime fee without any renewals.

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Ways of earning in ardent web online

1. Referring

Referring is the main way of earning with ardent web online. Actually, it is the only sure way you can be assured of making money online. You will earn commission upto level 3 of your referrals as explained below.

Level one: You earn Kshs 800 for everyone you refer to ardent web online. For example, if you refer 5 people you will have earned Kshs 4000.

Level two: For everyone referred by your direct referral from Level one, you will earn Kshs 200.

Level three: Whenever someone from your level two refers another person you will earn Kshs 100.

Ardent Web Online


2. Spinning games

The first thing you should know about spinning is that it is not a guaranteed way of earning in ardent web online. As I will explain below,

Types of spinning games in ardent web online

New users spinwhich is a type for new members only. It is a free spin where as a new member you can spin the wheel and win upto Kshs 250. However, you are not guaranteed that you will win once you spin.

Ardent Web Online


Normal spin:this type of spin is where you place a bet staking between Kshs 100 to Kshs 1000. It is a risk where you can lose or win. You can stake once and win huge amount the same way you can stake a lot of times and keep on losing. In simple term, don’t join because you just want to use the spin. It is not a get rich quick scheme. If you join ardent web online because of spinning only it might end in tears.

Ardent Web Online


3. Pledging

According to ardent web online, you can pledge a certain amount and you will get a chance to win 50% of the amount or lose 50% of the amount you pledged after 12 hours. For example, if you pledge Kshs 1000, after 12 hours you will either gain Kshs 500 and have Kshs 1500 in total or you can lose Kshs 500 and end up with Kshs 500. Ardent web online is not clear on what they do with the cash for that period of 12 hours so my advice is you avoid pledging if you can.

Ardent Web Online

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So, is ardent web online a scam or legit?

By now you should have made your on whether you should join ardent web online or not after reading the description above. I cannot say that ardent web online is 100% legit or scam but what I would like you to understand the moment you decide to join ardent web online and pay Kshs 1200, you should know that it is a risk you are taking. So, it is up-to you to decide whether it is a scam or legit referring to the details above.