How to earn money with Opera news Hub | Full guide

Start making money with Opera News Hub

Recently, there has been a rise in demand for online jobs, especially due to covid-19. Subsequently, many scammers have emerged with enticing platforms that most Kenyans have fallen for and ended up being conned a lot of money. However, some people have been very successful with their online jobs to a point where they have decided to work full time. Some of these fellows are working with the opera news hub, free to join, and your earnings depend on your hard work and creativity.

opera news hub


I have decided to write this article to help those who might be willing to make extra income by sharing their well-written content with others. This article was originally aimed at showing how Kenyans are earning with opera news hub. To make it even more interesting, I will highlight how you can also earn with opera news hub while working at home.

make money with opera news hub

What is Opera news hub?

Opera news hub is an app owned by Opera software, just like the Opera Mini browser, which helps bloggers, writers, and publishers share their content to the international audience. They pay you for sharing content with other people. If you have used the Opera News browser, I am sure you have seen many news feeds on the start page. Personal websites own some of the articles, but most of them will direct you to opera news hub. Once you click any article and decide to read, the person who wrote the article will be earning.

How does Opera News Hub work?

With opera news hub, making money is not hard, although it will require commitment. You should write not only interesting articles but also unique content that has no plagiarism. Some of the things you can write about include reviews, politics news, sports, business, entertainment news, etc.

For example, you may write a review about a certain online pyramidal scheme that you suspect. It is a con, a unique article about something that happened during a sporting activity.

Creativity is paramount in any article; if, for example, you want to write about an incident where a fan invaded a football pitch, your title will be critical. Here is a title example that you should write about, ‘You won’t believe what a fan did during…’

According to AppAnnie, as of February 2020, Opera mini app was the most downloaded browser on android devices in Kenya. This means you shouldn’t be worried that your articles will have inadequate readers. As long as your article is original with a good title, then you are good to go.

How will you earn with the opera news hub?

Generally, you will earn by through content writing. But it will not happen automatically. Your earnings will depend on the number of views your articles get, but this must be genuine views and bot-generated views.

Your earnings will first undergo verification, and then they will be updated in your account within 1-2 days; sometimes, it may take up to three days.

Once you submit a withdrawal request, your earnings will be sent to your bank account, mostly before the end month.

To maximize your earnings, you must take into consideration a certain number of things as described below

a) Know your readers; your readers should be the priority while writing an article. Therefore, knowing your readers and the content that they would like to read will always benefit. The more your readers engage with your articles, the higher your earnings will be.

b) Your articles must have at least 150 words. Although your articles should not be too long to such a point where your target audience is bored, you should ensure that you have written more than 150 words since it will help in a good ranking of your articles.

c) Use appropriate titles and images. A good title that creates curiosity and an attractive image will always tempt your audience to click your articles. You might have well-written content, but as long as a good title does not accompany it, you will have the lowest engagements.

d) Introduction to your articles. It is possible to read your introduction before they click the article. It would be best if you did not answer the curiosity created by your title in the introduction. Instead, let it create more curiosity to make the reader want to click your article.

How to get started with Opera news hub?

Here are various steps that you should follow to start writing with the opera news hub.

1. Sign Up

Click here to sign up and then create your account by either logging in via Facebook or Google account.

opera news hub


Select your country/territory

opera news hub


Optimize your profile

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Enter your details such as name, email, etc.

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Link your bank account

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2. Write your first article

Once you have completed the step above, the opera news hub will review your account, and after that, you can successfully create your first post.

opera news hub


Just click create and then enter the title of your post and start writing your content.

Benefits of using Opera News Hub

a) You can easily write your articles using your phone or tablet. It is not limited to laptops.

b) Your earnings are entirely based on your industry and creativity. The more you write quality content, the more you will engage more audiences and earn more.

c) Opera news hub pays you via your bank account, which is more secure and convenient.

d) It does not require major skills apart from basic writing skills; hence it is suitable for most Kenyans.

e) It is free to join, and hence you will not need any startup capital to get started.

NB: Opera news hub highly discourages clickbait, and therefore you should avoid using clickbait titles. Otherwise, your articles will be rejected by the opera news hub.


In conclusion, Opera news hub has offered a good platform for both experienced and newbie writers, bloggers, publishers, influencers to share their content with people. You can as well start writing and start making money from your home while improving your writing skills. University/college students, job seekers, people who want to work part-time are some of the people who should embrace this opportunity and start earning extra income online.