Aeroearn review: How it works

 As the demand for online jobs in Kenya keeps increasing due to the high unemployment rate, many platforms are being created daily. Unfortunately, not all of these platforms are legitimate; scammers are taking advantage of desperate people who want to earn extra income. However, not all platforms are scammers; some of them are legit. will help you differentiate between the scam and legit ones .

This article is specifically about Aeroearn review. I will highlight how it works and also give what I think about its legitimacy. You can also leave a comment if you have already joined; it might help someone who hasn’t joined make the right decision.


What is Aeroearn?

Aeroearn is a referral-based program where you mainly earn by inviting other people to join using your link. According to their summary of how it works, they are also offering other earning methods, such as spinning, surveys that are just minor earning methods. The only way through which you can make a significant amount is through referrals.

When was Aeroearn started? was launched on 15th November 2020.

How does Aeroearn work?

As stated earlier, Aeroearn is a referral-based program; therefore, you join Aeroearn with a registration fee of Kshs 600. This Kshs 600 is mandatory that is paid once by any member who wants to join Aeroearn.

How will you earn as a member of Aeroearn?

As soon as you join Aeroearn, you have a chance to earn through one of these ways.

1) Through referrals.

You will get a unique link that you will use to invite other people who are interested in joining Aeroearn. They have three matrix levels of earning. Each level is explained below:

Level one; every person who joins Aeroearn using your link will earn Kshs 400. You will earn to infinity, meaning you are not limited to the number of people you can invite. It seems like the more people you refer, the more you will earn.

Level two; when a person you had referred in level one invites someone else to join Aeroearn, you will earn Kshs 100 to infinity. This means that as long as your direct referrals keep referring, you will be earning Kshs 100 for every person they invite.

Level three; If someone in your level two refers another person to join Aeroearn, you will earn Kshs 50 for each person they invite.

NB: In Aeroearn, referring is the primary way of making a significant amount. It will be difficult for you to earn without referrals. Therefore, if you cannot refer others or don’t have a big network, it would be better to avoid joining Aeroearn.

2) Through the spin wheel

Another way of earning with Aeroearn is by spinning. It is not a guaranteed method of making money. It is based on your luck and not your hard work.

There are different types of spins in Aeroearn, as described. Read the description below carefully about what they entail to avoid disappointments if you decide to join Aeroearn.

a) Welcome spin. It is a free spin given to new members. As soon as you register with Aeroearn, you should go directly to the welcome spin and spin the wheel. The amount of money you will win depends on your luck.

b) Casino spin. You can spin anytime you like. The main difference from the welcome spin is that you will have to stake a particular amount of cash before you spin the wheel. Just like betting, there are both chances of winning and losing. Ensure you bet responsibly; that is, stake what you can afford to lose.

3) Quickfire questions

According to Aeroearn’s summary, quick-fire are un-timed questions available on Saturday only, and they are only ten questions. When you answer one question, you will earn Kshs 100 per question answered. It is only the first person who answers the question correctly, who will earn the 100kshs.

4) eBooks and surveys

eBooks are not ways of earning, but they will be available on the Aeroearn website, where you can download them and use them to start a business since most of the eBooks are business guides. Note that you will not be paid for downloading the eBooks.

You can also earn through surveys; although this is according to their summary, it is not something that I have verified.

5)Other ways of earning

They include blogging, meme creation. You can also buy airtime at a discounted price.

Is Aeroearn registered?

I came across the certificate that I have attached below when I was researching about Aeroearn solutions. It shows that Aeroearn is registered. Nevertheless, I have not verified that indeed it is registered. You can verify it with ecitizen and then give your feedback in the comment section.



Which countries is Aeroearn in?

Aeroearn is active in various countries such as Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, Rwanda, and Tanzania.

How to join Aeroearn?

If you are interested in joining Aeroearn and have Kshs 600, you can find someone who is a member of Aeroearn and then register using their link.


a) Has a low joining fee that is affordable to many people and also has no renewals.

b) Your referral earnings are supplemented by other ways of earning, such as spinning.

c) You can easily withdraw via Mpesa

d). They offer free eBooks that you can use to start a business, and you can buy discounted airtime.


a) Aeroearn does not give any physical products like other network marketing companies.

b) The principal way of earning is by referring others, which is hard for some people, and also, it is hard after most people join Aeroearn.

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Based on each and everything explained above, you see that Aeroearn has both advantages and disadvantages. It is upon you to weigh and decide whether it is worth risking for or not.

If you are an Aeroearn member, kindly leave an honest comment on your experience with them. It will help those who are yet to join.

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