Megaearn technologies limited review: How it works, scam or legit?

After reading this article, you will understand how Megaearn limited works and decide whether it is worth joining or not.

What is Megaearn limited?

Megaearn technologies limitedis a referral program where you can earn money online in different ways. Some of the methods described on their website include referrals (which is the main way of earning), Megaearn spinning, Megaearn surveys, blogging, etc. All of these ways of earning will be explained later in the article. Make sure you go through the entire to avoid disappointments if you decide to join Megaearn technologies.


How does Megaearn technologies work?

You join Megaearn technologies limited with Kshs 500 only, which is mandatory for any member who decides to activate their account. The fee is paid once, and there are no renewals. After you have joined, you will have some earnings variation at your disposal, as described below.

How you will earn with Megaearn technologies

1. Through referring (affiliate program)

As soon as you join Megaearn limited, you will be given a unique referral/affiliate link to invite other people interested in joining Megaearn technologies. You will earn up to three matrix levels where each level you will make a different amount as explained below;


Level one: in this level, you will earn through your direct referrals (people who join Megaearn using your link) & you will earn Kshs 300for every referral up to infinity.

Level two: Each time someone in your level one invites someone else to join Megaearn technologies limited, you will earn Kshs 100 to infinity.

Level three: When a person in your level two invites another person to join Megaearn technologies limited, you will earn Kshs 50 to infinity.

The illustration explains how you earn through referrals,

Let’s say you refer Kelvin; you will earn Kshs 300

When Kelvin refers Alice, you will earn Kshs 100

When Alice refers Monica, you will earn Kshs 50

NB: For you to earn, the person you referred must activate his/her account by paying Kshs 500. Also referring is the main way of earning. The other methods described below are just minor ways of earning, and you cannot make significant income using them.

2. Through spin wheels

Megaearn technologies offer different spins where their members can spin a wheel and, if lucky, win. Spinning is not a guaranteed way of earning; you can spin the wheel and end up not winning anything. Megaearn limited have a different type of spins some of them are illustrated below;


a) New user spin; it is only available for new members only. It would be best if you spun it immediately you register and activate your account. The amount that you will depend on your luck, and you ain’t guaranteed that you will win a considerable amount upon spinning the wheel.

b) Casino spin; you can spin anytime; however, you must stake at least Kshs 20 before spinning the wheel. Once you gamble and spin the wheel, you have chances of either losing or winning, just like betting. It would be best if you spin responsibly; if you spin and end up losing more, you will be accountable.

3. Megaearn surveys

According to Megaearn technologies’ summary of how it works, users will be paid Kshs 20 per simple, direct, and user-friendly question they answer.

4. Blogging

Megaearn members will earn by writing articles on Tuesday and Thursday. Blogs will make the members between Kshs 50-1800 according to the number of views.


5. Other minor ways of earning.

Best agent bonuses on every Sunday.

Discounted airtime where you can buy airtime at 10% discount, you can buy Kshs 500 airtime with Kshs 450 only.

Random quizzes and the great quizzes are also available according to Megaearn summary

How to join Megaearn technologies limited?

As I had stated above, to join Megaearn, you must have Kshs 500. You must also know that the primary way of earning is by referring, and if you are not good at referring or don’t have an extensive network, you can avoid joining Megaearn.

If you have read this review up to this point and you would like to join Megaearn limited, follow the steps below;

Step one: Creating your account.

To create your Megaearn account, click here

And then, fill in the registration form and click register.

Step two: Activating your account

Once you create your account, you will be prompted to activate your account by paying Kshs 500 through Mpesa.


Step three: Login into your account

After activating your account, you will log in to your Megaearn account and spin or refer others.

Is Megaearn worth joining?

Just like many businesses, chances of making profit or loss go hand in hand. So you will either make a profit or loss after you have joined Megaearn technologies. The question of whether Megaearn technologies is a scam or legit will depend on your decision. Below I have tried highlighting both pros and cons of joining Megaearn technologies.


1) Low joining fee and no renewals

2) Withdrawals are made through Mpesa, which is convenient for most Kenyans.



1) No tangible products offered by Megaearn technologies, which make it look like a pyramidal scheme.

2) Not suitable for people who don’t have big networks in their social media accounts since the significant way of earning is referring.

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Leave a comment on what you think about Megaearn to aid those who haven’t joined yet. Both positive and negative comments are allowed as long as they are honest.

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