Ceenote services is an online marketing website. Where you carry out affiliate marketing.

Please note, I am not a member or an affiliate of Ceenote Services. This review is based on research and information available online in the public domain.
Any recommendations and conclusions are only opinions and may not apply to all persons or situations.

You join under someone else link who becomes your upline. You’ll have to pay a registration fee of Kshs 330 via Mpesa and then your account will be successfully created. After joining you’ll also get a referral link that you’ll use to refer your friends and family members and once they join and pay Kshs 330 you’ll earn Kshs 300. Meaning if you refer five people you’ll have earned Kshs 1500. You can withdraw your earnings anytime to your Mpesa account.

The following guidelines are very useful for full understanding of ceenote services and how it works
Ceenote is the only affiliated marketing platform that has true bearing of market. We don’t lie to customers. We present what’s there. Here are the following ways to earn with ceenote services.
1. Instant discount to your Mpesa on any order placed from our website. You can advertise our products and place orders which are delivered same day or next day.
2. you earn Ksh.300 per every referral who uses your link to be an Agent of ceenote services.
3. For every 5 downies you bring, if each makes sales worth over Ksh.10, 000 you earn Ksh.2000
4. If you are a business man, broker or own any property. You are given free opportunity to advertise here.
It’s the easiest though few get it tricky. You are an agent? (Have paid 330?) If yes, you have full right to invite more agents.
First go to your portal copy the link. It will be only a link with no explanation paste it on the typing bar, as if you are writing a text on text bar on WhatsApp, Facebook, twitter, IG, don’t send a blank link with no more explanation, explain because nobody will invest money blindly where they don’t know what is going on. So will even drop your links and register as independent because they went on perusing and researching on ceenote services. Tell them what to expect. If the text is too long take a screenshot and send as a picture.
Well some people have trust issues, they will want to see people who have earned or how much you have earned. For starters you have no evidence in your portal. You either join the person on the spot to see how the portal responds, or refer him or her to the person who have earned or send him screenshot or video of them withdrawing. Many have made them.
We also happen to meet screenshot on social media we give them to you.
The person will surely to invest in ceenoteservices. Many are very successful in ceenote, some joined with Ksh330 and now are earning up to Ksh190, 000. Just by choosing the right platform, some go to universities, in just one hostel and comes out rich. Some on Instagram, and for those who are in save for save are making a lot.
When withdrawing, it’s advisable you show to the potential customers. It builds the psyche.