Fiverr Buyer Fees Calculator

Fiverr Buyer Fee Calculator

Fiverr Buyer Fee Calculator

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How to Calculate Fiverr Buyer Fee?

To calculate the Fiverr buyer fee, you can follow these guidelines based on the current fee structure:

  1. For Orders Below or Equal to $75: Fiverr charges a flat fee of $2.50 for each purchase.
  2. For Orders Above $75: The fee is calculated as 5.5% of the total order value.

These calculations will give you the total amount you will need to pay as a buyer, including the cost of the service and the applicable Fiverr fee. For instance, if you purchase a service for $30, your total cost will be $30 + $2.50 (flat fee) = $32.50. If your purchase is $100, then it would be $100 + ($100 * 5.5%) = $105.50.

It's important to note that these fees are in place to facilitate the transactions on the Fiverr platform and ensure that buyers and sellers have a secure and efficient experience.

Fiverr Buyers Payment Process

On Fiverr, the process for buyers to pay for services is straightforward and secure.

When you find a gig (a service offered on Fiverr) that you wish to purchase, you pay Fiverr in advance.

This payment is held by Fiverr until the order is successfully delivered and completed by the seller.

Here's a summary of the payment process:

  1. Finding and Selecting a Gig: As a buyer, you browse through the various gigs offered on Fiverr, or use the search tool to find a specific service. You can view the seller's portfolio, read descriptions of their services, and communicate with them if you have specific questions or requirements.
  2. Making the Payment: Once you decide to purchase a gig, Fiverr provides several payment options. All purchases come with a processing fee – $1 on purchases of $20 and below, and 5% on gigs over $20. It's recommended to make payments through the Fiverr platform to ensure security and proper handling of the funds.
  3. Order Completion and Release of Funds: After you've made the payment, the order is sent to the seller. The money you've paid is held by Fiverr and only released to the seller once the order is completed. If you're satisfied with the work, the order is marked as complete, and the seller receives 80% of the total order value.
  4. Buyer Protection and Reviews: Fiverr holds the funds during the order process to protect your investment. Once the order is complete, and you're satisfied with the work, you have the option to leave a review for the seller, which can help guide future buyers.

This system ensures that both buyers and sellers have a secure and reliable experience on Fiverr. It protects buyers by holding the funds until they're satisfied with the service, and it also ensures sellers are paid for their work once it's completed to the buyer's satisfaction