Is Legit or Scam? (Detailed Review)

In this blog post, we’re delving into the credibility of, a platform that has been the subject of much speculation and inquiry.

Our aim is to provide a comprehensive analysis based on various sources and reviews to determine whether it’s a legitimate opportunity or a scam.

Overview of MoneyEasily

MoneyEasily is an online platform that entices users with the promise of earning extra cash through easy tasks and surveys.

This sounds appealing to many, especially those seeking additional income streams.

However, the legitimacy of such platforms is always a matter of concern.

How Works

How Works

To provide a clearer picture of why is flagged as a scam, it’s important to understand its operational model.

Here’s a breakdown of how the site purportedly functions:

1. Attracting Users with Easy Income Promises

  • The Initial Lure: MoneyEasily attracts users by promising easy money-making opportunities. It offers tasks like completing surveys or simple online activities, which on the surface appear to be a straightforward way to earn extra cash.

2. Task and Survey Model

  • Completing Assignments: Once signed up, users are presented with a variety of tasks or surveys to complete. These activities are often portrayed as simple and quick, suggesting that users can earn money with minimal effort.

3. Monetary Incentives and Rewards

  • Earning Potential: The site claims to provide financial rewards for each completed task or survey. This further entices users, especially those in urgent need of income.

4. Data Collection and Phishing Risks

  • Personal Information: In the process of completing tasks, users are typically required to provide personal information. This raises significant concerns about data privacy and the potential for phishing.

5. Payment and Withdrawal Issues

  • Redemption Challenges: A common issue with such scam sites is the difficulty or impossibility of withdrawing earned money. Users often find that despite completing numerous tasks, they are unable to access the funds they supposedly earned.

6. Elaborate Scheme for Fraud

  • Criminal Operation: As indicated in various reports,’s operational model is part of a larger, more elaborate scheme designed to deceive and defraud users.

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Red Flags and Concerns

1. Fraudulent Activities

  • Elaborate Criminal Scheme: According to a detailed analysis by MalwareTips, MoneyEasily operates as part of an elaborate criminal scheme designed to defraud job seekers globally. This scam has reportedly siphoned off about €100 million from victims who believed they were being offered legitimate work opportunities​​.

2. Regulatory and Legal Issues

  • Unregulated and Likely Illegal: ScamWatcher has raised serious concerns about being unregulated and most likely totally illegal. This puts anyone’s funds at high risk if they choose to deposit money on the site​​.

3. Risky Website Indicators

  • Low Trust Rating: Scamadviser’s review points to a low rating for based on various data points, including other site reviews, phishing reports, and public data on the company and server​​.
  • Suspicious Website Design: WebParanoid identifies as a scam, noting elements of design similar to other suspicious websites previously detected​​.

4. Questionable Legitimacy

  • Unclear Trustworthiness: While Money Easily does offer a chance to earn extra cash, its trustworthiness remains under question. Several platforms, including Deefunnels, have raised doubts about the site’s credibility​​.
  • Scam Identification: EvenInsight and TunnelGist, after thorough analysis, categorically label as a scam, citing multiple key factors that undermine its legitimacy​​​​.

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Given the overwhelming evidence and the consistent findings from various reputable sources, it is prudent to conclude that is not a legitimate platform.

The risks associated with it, ranging from its unregulated status to its alignment with characteristics of known scams, strongly suggest that individuals should exercise caution and steer clear of this website.

If you’re considering using platforms like MoneyEasily for earning opportunities, it’s crucial to conduct thorough research and rely on credible reviews and analyses. Always prioritize your financial safety and be wary of schemes that seem too good to be true.