Is Legit or a Scam? (Comprehensive Review) has piqued the curiosity of many internet users, leading to debates and discussions about its legitimacy.

With contrasting opinions and various analyses available, it’s crucial to delve into the details to understand whether is a legitimate website or a potential scam.

Landing Page Analysis

Upon visiting, users encounter a landing page that raises more questions than answers.

The lack of substantial information and an immediate redirect to contribute to the ambiguity surrounding the site’s purpose. Such obscurity does not inspire trust or credibility​​.

User Intentions and Legitimacy Concerns

Users naturally question the intentions behind given the scant information available.

Legitimate websites typically offer clear explanations of their purpose, services, and contact information, which lacks.

This absence of transparency fuels skepticism about the site’s legitimacy​​​​.

Countries where Myabsorb is Popular

Countries where Myabsorb is Popular

The popularity of varies across different countries. According to data from October 2023, the website’s core audience is primarily located in the United States, which accounts for a significant majority of its traffic.

Following the United States, Canada and the Philippines are the next most popular countries where has a notable presence:

  1. United States: The largest share of’s audience is from the United States, comprising 86.53% of its total traffic.
  2. Canada: Canada contributes 2.81% of the total visitors to
  3. Philippines: The Philippines accounts for 2.01% of the site’s traffic.

These statistics indicate that has a predominantly North American audience with some presence in the Asia-Pacific region​​.

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How Works

How Works

Obscured Functionality

Understanding how operates is challenging due to the website’s lack of clear information and transparency.

The primary interaction users have with the site involves being redirected to, which provides no insight into the actual services or functions of itself.

The Redirection Process

When users visit, they are immediately redirected to another domain, specifically Microsoft’s login page.

This abrupt redirection, without any context or explanation, is the most notable aspect of the site’s functionality​​.

Potential Reasons for Redirection

Several theories can be proposed regarding why redirects users:

  1. Affiliate Marketing: The site could potentially be an affiliate marketer redirecting traffic to Microsoft for commission. However, this is purely speculative as there is no visible affiliate disclosure or relevant information on
  2. Phishing or Data Harvesting: Given its association with a phishing campaign, the redirection could be a means to harvest user data or credentials. Such practices are common among fraudulent sites​.
  3. Technical Glitch or Purposeful Misdirection: It could be a technical issue, or perhaps the site is intentionally designed to mislead visitors for reasons unknown.

User Interaction

User interaction with is minimal and uninformative. The absence of any user interface, content, or contact information leaves visitors in the dark about the website’s purpose.

The website does not provide any typical features like navigation menus, information pages, or user support options.

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Scam Possibilities

While concrete evidence is lacking, the limited information and redirect to could hint at a potential scam.

Deceptive tactics like these are often employed by scammers, creating websites with minimal information to mislead users. This lack of transparency raises significant red flags​​.

Diverse Perspectives

Positive Aspects

  • is an old and well-known website with a substantial number of users and visitors​.
  • The domain has been registered for a long time, and the website has a valid SSL certificate, indicating a certain level of security​​​​.
  • It is deemed popular by Tranco and is considered safe according to various online security services​​.

Negative Aspects

  • The website hides its content and redirects web crawlers, a common tactic used to obscure details from users​​.
  • is not frequented by many users, raising questions about its current relevance and function​​.
  • The website owner uses a service to conceal their identity, and there have been negative reviews reported​​​​.
  • A report associates with a massive phishing campaign, which is a serious concern for potential users​​.

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In conclusion, while has some attributes that suggest legitimacy, such as its long-standing domain registration and SSL certification, the lack of transparency and direct user engagement raises significant concerns.

The site’s association with a phishing campaign and its practice of hiding content and redirecting users are particularly troubling. Therefore, it is advisable for individuals to exercise caution and conduct thorough research before engaging with or providing any personal information.

While we cannot definitively label it as a scam, the mixed signals warrant a cautious approach.