Upwork Freelancer Service Fees Calculator

Upwork Freelancer Service Fee Calculator

Upwork Freelancer Service Fee Calculator

Understanding the Upwork Freelancer Service Fee in 2024

In 2023, Upwork streamlined its fee structure for freelancers, setting a flat 10% service fee for all contracts. This includes hourly, fixed-price, and Project Catalog projects. The change from a sliding-scale fee structure to a uniform rate simplifies the fee system, but it has also stirred diverse reactions within the freelancer community.

Impact on Different Contract Types

  1. Current Contracts: If a freelancer is currently paying a 5% service fee under an ongoing contract, this rate will continue until the end of 2023. Conversely, for those paying 20%, the switch to the 10% fee takes effect from their next invoice.
  2. New Contracts: Any new contract created will incur a 10% service fee, regardless of the freelancer’s past or existing contracts with the same client.
  3. Agency Contracts: Agencies are also affected by this change. For existing agency contracts with a 5% fee, this rate remains valid through 2023, post which it will align with the standard 10%.
  4. Exceptions: Freelancers working under Upwork’s Payroll service, Any Hire contracts, and Direct Contracts are excluded from the 10% service fee. For Direct Contracts, a processing fee of 3.4% is charged instead.

Freelancer and Client Perspectives

Many freelancers have expressed concerns over the increased financial burden, particularly those accustomed to the lower fees for long-term or high-value contracts. On the other hand, some see the simplicity of a flat rate as a positive change. The move has sparked discussions about the platform’s direction and its impact on freelancers’ earnings and competitiveness.

Upwork’s Rationale

Upwork explains that the new, simpler fee structure is intended to better reflect the value provided by the platform, such as the ability to choose work, build a reputation, and secure leads. The uniform fee rate is seen as a way to support the platform’s sustainability and offer competitive prices to clients.

Additional Fees and Membership Benefits

  • Contract Initiation Fee: Beginning April 26, 2023, Upwork introduced a contract initiation fee of up to $4.95 for clients on new contracts. This is charged once per contract when the first payment to a freelancer is made.
  • Freelancer Plus Membership: This subscription offers additional benefits like increased visibility, more connects, a customized URL, and coaching opportunities. It’s priced at $14.99 per month, with unused connects rolling over each month.

The Cost of Doing Business on Upwork

Freelancers must weigh the costs against the benefits Upwork provides, such as client access, payment protection, and administrative support. Viewing the service fees as part of the business expense can help in strategizing pricing and choosing projects.


Upwork’s move to a flat 10% service fee represents a significant shift in its pricing structure. It offers simplicity but also brings new challenges for freelancers, particularly those with longstanding, high-value relationships on the platform. Understanding these changes is crucial for freelancers to adapt their strategies and continue thriving on Upwork.