review: Legit or a Scam?

When considering online shopping, the legitimacy of the store is paramount.

In this blog post, we delve into the authenticity of, a website claiming to sell winter jackets.

Our investigation encompasses multiple sources to provide a comprehensive review. Overview is a recent entrant in the e-commerce space, having started in October 2023​.

The site positions itself as a destination for winter jackets suitable for the festive season​​.

How Operates

How Operates

Business Model and Operations

  • Dropshipping Potential: There are indications that might be operating under a dropshipping model. This is where a store sells products at competitive prices, orders the products from a cheaper wholesaler upon purchase, and then has the wholesaler deliver directly to the customer​​. While this model is legitimate, it can lead to issues with product quality and delivery times​​.
  • Product Offerings: The primary focus of is on selling winter jackets, particularly targeting the festive season market​​.

User Interface and Shopping Experience

  • Navigating the Website: The exact user interface and shopping experience on are not detailed in the reviews. However, the lack of functional customer service and the absence of a robust email system raise questions about the overall user experience​​.
  • Pricing Strategy: The site seems to use attractive pricing, which might be slightly lower than retail prices. This can be appealing but also raises suspicion about the quality and authenticity of the products​​.

Marketing and Promotions

  • Discount Offers: utilizes significant discount offers to attract customers. While this is a common tactic in e-commerce, it can sometimes be associated with scams or low-quality products​​.
  • Online Presence and Reviews: The site lacks a significant online presence, with no links to social networks and very few user reviews, which makes it difficult to verify its authenticity​​.

Security and Privacy

  • Website Security: While uses HTTPS for secure data transfer, this alone is not sufficient to confirm its safety​​.
  • Owner Anonymity: The website’s domain registration details are hidden, a practice that, while common, can also be used to conceal fraudulent activities​​.

Customer Service and Support

  • Lack of Effective Communication: The provided email address for customer service was found to be non-functional, which is a significant concern for customer support and reliability​​.
  • Feedback Mechanism: There is no clear feedback mechanism for customers to share their experiences or get assistance, further hindering trust and transparency​​.

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Investigating’s Legitimacy

Our examination of involved various aspects to assess its credibility. Here are the key findings:

1. Website Age and Domain Information is a relatively new website, being just 30 days old as of the time of the investigation​​.

Its domain registration details are obscured by privacy protection, making it difficult to identify the owners​​​​.

Such practices are common in both legitimate and fraudulent sites.

2. Website Safety and Security uses HTTPS encryption, ensuring secure data transfer​​. However, this alone doesn’t guarantee its trustworthiness.

Notably, it has a very low safety score of 0 out of 100, suggesting significant risks​​.

3. Customer Service and Contact Information

A major red flag is the site’s lack of a functional email service.

Attempts to contact the provided email address resulted in an error, indicating non-existent customer support​.

The only available contact information is a Gmail address, which is unusual for a legitimate e-commerce website​​.

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4. Pricing and Business Model

Valuelifes Pricing and Business Model

While the site’s pricing seems reasonable, it raises suspicions of a dropshipping model.

This involves selling items at competitive prices but potentially resulting in delayed shipping and poor quality​​.

5. User Reviews and Online Presence

The site lacks credible user reviews, and there are no links to social networks for verification​​​​.

Without these, it’s difficult to ascertain the satisfaction of past customers.

6. Promotional Tactics employs big discount offers, a tactic often associated with fraudulent or low-quality product schemes​​.

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Final Verdict

Based on our extensive review and analysis, displays several characteristics typical of scam websites.

The absence of reliable customer service, hidden ownership details, very recent website creation, and suspicious promotional tactics all contribute to this conclusion​​​​.


  • Exercise Caution: Given the findings, it’s advised to be cautious with
  • Research Thoroughly: Always research and read reviews before making any online purchase.
  • Look for Transparency: Legitimate websites typically provide clear contact information and have a transparent online presence.


While the internet offers a plethora of shopping options, it’s crucial to remain vigilant., with its array of red flags, appears to be a risky option.

Consumers are advised to approach it with caution and make informed decisions.