This is an honest review about Fastearn. In this review all the details about Fastearn will be clearly explained including how it works. I had to write it after receiving some of your emails asking me to review Fastearn. I hope after you have read the entire article all your questions will be answered. Furthermore, for those who want join I will also give the procedure.


Fastearn is a network marketing that offers you free eBooks. The eBooks contains various business plans that you can use to start your own business. You are also free to resell the eBooks at any price. Fastearn also gives you a chance of referring others and by doing so you will earn commissions. As Fastearn member you will also get a chance of advertising your own products. Spinning is also available. I will elaborate how you can earn through each of the ways stated above.




To join Fastearn you are required to buy platinum package which is Kshs 600. In simple words, you join Fastearn with Kshs 800 only. There are no renewals and therefore you will pay once. The Kshs 800 is required to activate your account and it is non-refundable fee.

How to earn with Fastearn

1. How you will earn through referrals

As soon as you join Fastearn, you will be given an affiliate link which you will use to refer others. This is the main way of earning in Fastearn since it is a network marketing platform. As a member of Fastearn you will earn upto level three of your referrals. I have illustrated how you will earn through referrals in each level.

Level 1; When you refer someone directly using your referral link, you will earn Kshs 300 per direct referral to infinity.

Level 2; Whenever someone on your level 1 invites another person, you will earn Kshs 100 to infinity.

Level 3;Whenever someone on your level 2 invites another person, you will earn Kshs 50 to infinity.

Level 4; Whenever someone on your level 3 invites another person, you will earn Kshs 30 to infinity.

Level 5; Whenever someone on your level 4 invites another person, you will earn Kshs 20 to infinity.


If you refer Jane, you will earn Kshs 300

When Jane refers David, you will earn Kshs 100

When David refers John, you will earn Kshs 50

When John refers Alice, you will earn Kshs 30

When Alice refers Peter, you will earn Kshs 20



2. Through eBooks

As stated earlier, you will be given free eBooks. You can either choose to download the ones you like and apply the knowledge of the business plan. This means that if for example you wanted to start selling ‘mitumba’ then you can download the mitumba business plan eBook. Also, you can download all eBooks and start selling them to non Fastearn members, you can sell the ebooks at any price you wish.



3. Advertisements

According to Fastearn, they will be advertising products, services and business for their members as way of diversifying their market. This will help the members in maximizing their profits.

4. Spinning

First of all, before I explain the various spinning offered by Fastearn, it is important for you to know that the amount you win through spinning is based on your luck. Fastearn offers different types of spin as explained below;

a) Welcome Spin: This is a free spin that you will get as soon as you join Fastearn.

b) There is also another spin on Friday which is free as well between 8 to 9 am.

c) They also offer another type of spin which is similar to casino spinning. Where you stake a certain amount and then spin. You can either win or lose depending on your luck, so bet responsibly.



How to join Fastearn?

As indicated earlier you only need Kshs 600 to join Fastearn. The process is not difficult but I have given the steps to follow below.

Step 1: Registration

The first step is registration where you will have to enter your details such as username, phone number, set your password etc.

Click here to register

Step 2: Account Activation

As soon as you complete the registration process, you will be directed to another page where you will be required to pay Kshs 600 and then your account will be active. You will be directed to your account where you spin the welcome spin.

Step 3: Login into your account

If you are not automatically directed into your account as indicated in step 2 above, you may login below and copy your referral link.

Click here to login

Here are some of the payment proofs



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