TBEStation Review: Get $120 bonus

What is TBEStation? How does TBEStation.com work? How to get 120USDT bonus? How to withdraw from TBEStation? Hello and welcome to my blog. These are some of the question that will be answered in this TBEStation unbiased review.

Quick Overview

Product TypeCrypto/Online Trading
RatingFair/Worth Trying

TBEStation review: What is it?

TBEStation or TBES, found online at tbestation.com, is a new platform which claims to be offering people an opportunity to earn money online while working from home.

It’s easy to get started since it’s free to join and open to everyone around the world.

According to Whois, tbestation.com domain was registered in January 18, 2022.

How it works

TBEStation has many features that you can utilize to make money online. You’ll earn money in terms of USDT crypto. They have a 120USDT bonus reward waiting for you to grab.

How to earn with referrals?

To maximize your earnings with TBEStation you should opt in for the referral program.

You can get your invitation link or code by following this procedure;

  • Login into your TBEStation account.
  • At the bottom-right of your account, click ‘My’
  • Then select the Invite friends section
  • Copy your referral link at the bottom or the invitation code

You can then share the link with your friends or social media followers or even post it on your blog.

Participating in Freeze

To make more money you can participate in TBEStation freeze where you sort of trade money to gain more.

There are different freeze packages you can join including;

Collection Freeze

Minimum Freeze is 0 USDT and runtime is 24 hours with an interest of 0.62% complete earnings.

Resource Freeze

The Minimum Freeze in this package is 120 USDT which also runs for 24h. The returns is about 0.88%.

Co-Chain Freeze

Minimum Freeze of 540 USDT with a return of 0.92% running for a period of 72 hours.

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Energy Freeze

This package’s Minimum Freeze is 1450USDT. The complete earnings are 0.94% with a runtime of 72h.

Two-Sided Freeze

Minimum Freeze amount is 7500USDT with a runtime of 72 hours.The complete earnings are 0.96%.

Who can Join?

Everyone can join TBEStation.com although it’s popular in some countries such as Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, etc.

How to register with TBEStation

Visit TBEStation.com

You’ll be redirected to a page where you should enter your email

Then on the next page enter login and transaction password.

You’ve successfuly created your TBEStation account which is free.

How to login?

To login,

Visit TBEStation.com and click Sign In button

Then enter your email address and password

How to withdraw from TBEStation?

You can withdraw your earnings once you reach the minimum withdrawal which is 50usdt. The withdrawal charges are 3% of the funds you’re cashing out.

To withdraw your earnings from TBEStation, follow the procedure below;

Log into your account and click ‘My’ at bottom-right

Under assests, click availble funds

On the next page, click Transfer Out

You’ll be redirected to a page where you’ll prompted to enter the amount you wish to withdraw as well as the outgoing address where you wish to transfer the money.

The withdrawal will be automatically reviewed and will be sent within 24 hours.

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Is TBEStation Legit or Scam?

TBEStation is still a new platform and it has been paying some of its members. Even though there have been some complaints from some of the members, we cannot conclude that it’s not legit. With time, we’ll verify if it’s indeed a legitimate platform or a scam.

Conclusion: Is TBEStation worth joining?

TBEStation is worth joining provided you invest what you can afford to lose since it may end up scamming people like the infamous Yitong platform. Just analyze all the reviews available and make your personal decision on whether to join the website or not.

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