Mobrog surveys review: Everything you should know

Even though online surveys cannot earn you a full-time income, you can use the cash from the mobrog surveys to supplement your income.

Finding legitimate online surveys jobs is no easy task. Survey sites are free to join, which is the major way to distinguish legit ones from scam sites.

Mobrog is one of the best survey sites in Kenya. One of the reasons being, they have more survey jobs for their users. It is also available in other countries such as Canada, USA, United Kingdom, Nigeria, India and many more.

How Mobrog works

You will have to register with Mobrog using this link. Registration is free; hence anyone can join Mobrog.

After registration, login into your account and make sure you complete your profile to 100%. When your mobrog profile is complete, mobrog will easily match you with the proper surveys, and you will receive more survey invitations, therefore, earning more money.

How you will earn with Mobrog

Mobrog will pay you for giving your opinion and participating in surveys. Mobrog pays between $0.50 (Kes 50) and $3 (Kshs 300) for every complete survey.

The good thing about mobrog is that they both mobile and desktop survey. You can download the Mobrog app and use it to participate in mobrog paid surveys. If you have a laptop or any other computer device, you will have access to even more mobrog surveys. Some surveys can only be accessed in desktop version while others can easily be completed using mobile. You can do everything with the mobrog app, including withdrawing your earnings.

Mobrog will also send you survey invitations to your registered email address. The survey invitation has the duration and the amount you will earn after completing the survey. Usually, high duration mobrog surveys have more earnings.

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Mobrog Referral Program

Apart from earning through surveys, mobrog also has a referral program. You will earn $0.63 for every person you invite to join mobrog. You can either invite them by sending email invitations or using your referral link. To earn the referral bonus, they must complete 3 mobrog surveys.

How to withdraw your Mobrog earnings

Mobrog minimum payout is 4 GBP which is about Kes 500. You can withdraw your earnings either through PayPal or Skrill. PayPal is widespread, and if you are in Kenya, it will be easier if you use it since you can transfer the money from PayPal to Mpesa with a few minutes. Suppose you have already attained the minimum withdrawal in mobrog. Login to your account; you can use the mobrog app or the website and click redeem rewards, follow the instructions listed, and your money will be sent to your PayPal account.

Mobrog pays the PayPal fees, and thus, you won’t be charged anything by PayPal.

Mobrog Lottery Program

Mobrog has a monthly lottery program where you can win 100 euros (Kes 12,500) online voucher.

Whenever you participate in an unsuccessful survey, mobrog will give you a free ticket. You can then use the ticket to participate in the lottery. The more tickets you have, the higher the chances of winning. The lottery draw is done at the end of every month, and the two lucky tickets will the Kes 12,500. To participate in the mobrog lottery program, login into your account and click the lottery tab. Follow the procedure given and wait to see if you will win.

Note: The lottery is free to participate in, so you won’t have to pay anything. There are only two possible winners, so your chances of winning depend on your luck during the draw. Participating in mobrog surveys is the only assured way of earning.

Is Mobrog legit or a scam

Mobrog is a legitimate site. They don’t ask you to pay anything, and they always send you your earnings as soon as you request for payout.

Mobrog Pros and Cons


  • Mobrog is free to join.
  • Mobrog has frequent surveys provided your mobrog profile is 100% complete.
  • Relatively low minimum payout compared to other survey sites.
  • It is available in a lot of countries.
  • Mobrog has a referral program where you can earn by inviting your friends.


Sometimes you may experience screenouts.

The Parting Shot

Like other online survey jobs sites in Kenya, you will not earn a lot from mobrog surveys. Answering surveys should be done part-time since they pay low amounts. However, it is worth trying if you have a lot of free time, or you’re a student, etc.