Cash24h review: Is Cash24h a scam or legit

Cash24h app has the same features as RichKash, amazon web worker, and Kubwake is circulating all over the internet in Kenya. Many Cash24h users share referral links to make money online, but is the app legit, or is Cash24h yet another scam.

Cash24h app claims to have partnered with e-commerce companies such as Amazon, Jumia, and Killmall, but after looking into how they work, it’s not.

Is Cash24h app a scam or not

The quick and short answer is Cash24h is a scam. Cash24h app is not legit since it is just another pyramidal scheme that uses referral programs to get more members and will end up scamming people in the ‘short’ run.

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All Ponzi schemes do not sell any products. They instead use the money paid by new members to pay their old members. That’s exactly what Cash24h is doing; as soon as they collect enough money as per their target, it will end up collapsing, and many of their members will lose their investments.

You cannot withdraw from the Cash24h app unless you have 20 referrals. This makes it difficult for cash24h users to withdraw their earnings and gives Cash24h exactly what they want, more users.

There have been complaints that the Cash24h app is terminating specific accounts once they are about to withdraw.

Most Kenyans fall for pyramidal schemes while trying to look legit for work from home jobs in Kenya which can help earn money online. Yes, people are earning a full-time income online working from in Kenya. You will rarely see them telling you to join certain platforms since they earn by doing legit online jobs such as writing, blogging, and transcription.

On the other hand, Ponzi schemes like Cash 24h app uses all means to ensure they have as many members as possible. It won’t be easy to withdraw from Cash 24h app if you have not invested anything. A lot of users will end up investing, and then Cash 24h will only pay a few of them and end up scamming the rest.

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How Cash 24h works

According to Cash 24h app, these are the earning ways that they offer:

Invite friends

1. Invited users recharge bonus 200; the bonus will be added to total assets in real-time.

2. Invite friends to form your team, and you will get at least 10.5% of your friends’ daily income in commission. For more information, please refer to the “My Team” menu.

Order revenue

Order revenue is order amount ‘order commission’ number of orders. For example, the order amount is 150000, the order commission is 0.8%, the number of orders is 20, and the income is 150000*0.8%*20 = 24000/day.

Membership level

Cash 24h Membership level is based on VIP1, VIP2, VIP3, VIP4, VIP5, VIP6, different levels enjoy different rights, VIP details refer to the VIP Center of the ME page, user registration is VIP1.

Financial investment

Buy financial investment products and enjoy a stable income. The product will be automatically redeemed at maturity. Early redemption will deduct all investment income and deduct handling fees. For details of investment income and handling fees, please refer to the financial investment section.

Cash 24h Recharge

The minimum recharge amount is 500, and it will arrive in a few minutes. If the bank payment system is maintained, it will be delayed. The specific arrival time is subject to the bank.

Cash 24h Withdrawal

Withdraw time: All day, you can withdraw at any time, both workdays and holidays.


In any investment, risks are involved. Even so, not all risks are worth taking. Is Cash24h worth the the risk? If you think it is a good investment opportunity, you may take the risk and invest what you can afford to lose. Use this guide to help you identify any ‘make money online’ scams.