Appebay review: scam or legit

Appebay, which has the same features as the amazon web worker app, is the latest Ponzi scheme that Kenyans are joining and investing.

A few days ago, amazon web worker and cash24h vanished with millions of hard-earned monies from innocent Kenyans.

The main reason Kenyans are joining app ebay despite being scammed by the sort of amazon web worker is to salvage their losses in the previous Ponzi schemes. We believe that appebay is taking advantage of Kenyans desperation, and it might collapse sooner than expected.

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Is appebay a scam?

Yes, appebay is a scam. Like amazon web workers, they have used a popular brand name ‘eBay’ to hide their negative traits.

All the orders being made at appebay are just fake. There is no way you will pay for an order, and instead of getting the product, you end up earning a commission.

Remember, for you to ‘earn’ with appebay, you will have to pay a certain depending on your level. The higher the level, the more you will be required to pay, and at the same time, the higher the commissions. I know of people who had subscribed with Kshs 100,000 in the amazon web worker app since they were promised more returns. Appebay is set to do the same, or perhaps they have already done it.

The idea of Appebay scamming their members is a matter of when it will happen. We are 100% sure that App eBay will vanish. The big question is when will it collapse, and will you be a part of Kenyans who will end up losing their investments.

Why do we believe Appebay is not legit?

We don’t just say that a certain app is a Ponzi scheme without any proof; we had already given a detailed explanation as to why amazon web worker and cahs24h are scammers. Since appebay is no different from these recent Ponzi schemes, you can read this amazon web worker review to understand how these platforms end up scamming their unsuspecting users.

How can we solve the issue of online scammers in Kenya?

  • Firstly, we have written an article on how you can identify a ‘make money online scam’ before joining. It is upon you to protect you from Ponzi schemes like appebay, and the best way to do it is by understanding how these platforms promise you millions, and instead, they take your few shillings. Read this guide to help you identify the scammers.
  • We also recommend the government and Safaricom intervention. These scammers usually have Mpesa Paybill and till numbers that the members use to pay for the subscription. If they end up being tracked by the government, it will be hard for platforms like appebay to exist.
  • The other thing is simply carrying research about any platform that asks you to pay or invest anything. You have got nothing to lose since the reviews are on the internet and free to access. Before you sign up for any site, search whether it is legit or a scam. There are misleading reviews out there, so you should be careful.

Finally, instead of wasting your time and money with the get-rich-quick schemes, start looking for legitimate ways to make money online. This article on legitimate work from home jobs in 2021 will help you get started. You can also check this article on the best paying survey sites in 2021. Online survey sites and apps pay you for giving your opinion about a certain product or service. They are free to join, and you can participate using a PC or a mobile.

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We believe up to this point you’re aware that appebay is a scam and also why we believe it is a scam. To avoid being scammed in the future, you can keenly look into the guidelines given above.