Secure Earn Technologies Online business explained

Welcome to our secure earn technologies review.

In this review, we will look into:

  • What is secure earn technologies?
  • How secure earn technologies work
  • Secure earn methods of earning.
  • Secure earn technologies pros and cons

Here is everything you need to know about secure earn technologies.

What is secure earn technologies?

Secure earn technologies is an online business launched on May 22, 2021. It has different ways of earning, referring to being one of them. It is predominantly available in Kenya.

How Secure earn technologies work.

To be an active member of secure earn, you’ll have to

register by creating your secure earn technologies account. You can either do so using a referral link or directly from the secure earn website.

After registration, you must activate your account to access secure technologies features. To activate your account, you’ll have to pay the joining fee, Kshs 500. This fee is paid once, but it is also mandatory for all secure earn technologies members.

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Secure earn technologies methods of earning.

Below we have given a detailed explanation of how you’ll earn with secure earn technologies as an active member. The negative side of each method of earning is also given.

1. Through the referral program

Almost all online platforms main way of earning is through referrals. Secure earn is no different from them. They give referral commission up to the third tier. Let’s take a look at how much you’ll earn in each tier/level.

  • Level/Tier 1: Earn Kshs 300 from all your secure earn direct referrals.
  • Level 2:  When someone in your tier 1 invites other people to join secure earn technologies, you’ll earn Kshs 100 each.
  • Level 3: Here, you will earn when your indirect referrals in tier 2 invite other interested people to join secure earn technologies. You’ll get Kshs 50 per person at this level.

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For you to earn any referral commissions, your downlines must pay the activation fee, Kshs 500. Therefore, if someone joins secure earn technologies and decides not to activate his/her account, you’ll earn nothing.

As said earlier, secure earn technologies main method of earning is through the referral program. Not everyone is good at referring; actually, most people are not good at it.

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2. Secure earn Spin wheels

Before we dive into how you can earn with secure earn technologies spin wheel, you must understand that the spin wheel won’t make you a lot of money.

You will probably earn less than Kshs 50 through spinning. The probability of winning with the secure earn technologies spin wheel is very low. It is entirely based on your luck, just like in any other gambling company.

Secure earn technologies have different type of spins:

New members will have access to a free spin as soon as they activate their accounts. The potential earnings from this spin will range between Kshs 10 and Kshs 50.

Secure earn technologies also have a bet spin. To participate in this spin, you’ll have to stake at least Kshs 20. There is no guarantee of winning; in most cases, losses will be more dominant.

3. Secure earn technologies paid surveys

Active members in secure earn will answer simple and direct quizzes and get paid. The questions are not real surveys offered by top companies; they’re just common questions that you can easily find on google.

You won’t make a fortune with secure earn technologies surveys. They are minor ways of earning; you can only use them to supplement your referral income.

If the sole purpose of joining secure earn technologies is to participate in the surveys, there is no need of doing so. You’ll probably earn peanuts and end up losing more than you invested. Free surveys sites such as pay $1 via PayPal for every survey completed.

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4. Through Blogging

You can make a full-time income blogging, but not with secure earn technologies. The pay rates per blog in secure earn is around Kshs 50. The blog articles’ views and comments help determine the amount of money you will earn.

You can only submit your blog posts on Tuesdays and Thursdays in Secure earn technologies. There are high chances of not earning anything through secure earn technologies blogging.

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There are also other features in secure earn technologies. Some of these extra features include:

  • Watching YouTube videos where the pay is low, about Kshs 10 per video or sometimes nil.
  • Download free eBooks. This is not an earning method in secure earn.
  • Discounted airtime where you can buy credit at a 10% discount.

Secure earn technologies pros & cons


  • Relatively low joining fee.
  • Secure earn has different features for all its members.
  • You can withdraw your earnings conveniently via Mpesa.


  • It has a pyramidal like structure where they use the activation fee of new members to pay their existing members.
  • Referring is the primary way of earning, which might be difficult for most people. This is because for you to earn the commission from your referrals, they must pay the activation fee.

Is secure earn technologies legit?

Secure earn technologies have a certificate of registration which might prove it is legitimate. However, some companies end up vanishing even when they had produced their legal documents. This might not be the case with secure earn technologies, but it is important to be aware.

If you’re not good at networking, secure earn technologies are not for you. The other ways of earning falls under referring; without referral earnings, you’ll probably never withdraw.


If you’ve read this post up to this point, you already understand what secure earn technologies is and how it works.

Based on all the information you’ve read, is secure earn technologies worth joining? Answering this question will help you make the right decision.

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