Easy Earn Technologies review-All you should know

Easy Earn Technologies is an online business platform primarily based on referrals and other minor methods of earning. It is set to be launched on 7TH August 2021, with most of its traffic coming from Kenya.

This review aims to explain its various features by analyzing how Easyearn Technologies works, whether it is legit or a scam, and if easy earn is worth joining or not. Is it a platform that you can use to make money from home and earn extra income?

How does Easy Earn Technologies work

Easy earn technologies work in a networking model. You join under someone, and you’re also required to pay Ksh 500 ($5), a one-time and non-refundable fee for your account to be active. Below are some of the features that give a clear description of how Easy Earn works:

Affiliate program

An affiliate program is entirely the primary revenue model for Easy Earn technologies. Easy Earn users get a referral link to invite other people into the site and earn commissions per active referral.

In many affiliate programs such as Bluehost, amazon, Jumia, and more, the promoters will then be paid commissions whenever they register a sale of a product or service. The commission varies with the price of the product, and there are usually no registration fees.

On the other hand, the Easyearn referral program is in a way that you can’t be an affiliate unless you’re an active member. Since there are no products to promote, the users only earn a commission when the members they’ve invited pay the activation fee of Kshs 500. The referrals bonus is structured into three stages where each one of them has a specific amount.

The first stage includes people who directly join Easy Earn Technologies using your affiliate link. Once they register under activate your account, you’ll earn Ksh 300.

Stage 2 indirect referrals are those who’re invited to join Easyearn technologies by your direct referrals in stage one. You’ll earn Ksh 100 from each member in this stage, and there is no limit to the number of people you can invite.

In stage 3, you’ll earn a Ksh 50 commission for every person invited by your indirect referrals in stage 3. Note that all the referrals at any level must pay the registration fee before any user earn a commission.

This kind of program can be traced with other previous platforms such as Secure Earn Technologies. There’s always a negative impact, especially when there are no more people interested in joining. This type of pyramid-like business model comes to an end since they only generate revenue as more people join, which isn’t stable.

Forex Lessons

Online trading is one of the methods being used by many people to earn passive income online. Whether it’s stocks, CFDs, Cryptocurrency, or Forex trading, it’s no longer a secret that you can make a living by trading. Easy Earn Technologies has incorporated forex classes in its platform. We expect the lessons to offer basic skills, as seen in previous online businesses of this kind. All the pro skills are usually charged extra fees.

With platforms such as Dyer and Blair, where you can sell and buy shares by trading in the Nairobi stock exchange in Kenya, the forex trading lessons might not be worth it. Usually, the forex classes are used to attract more people to join the pyramidal schemes, which we believe it’s the same tactic used by Easy Earn. According to its description, the forex educational tools will be given in the platform and a mentor.

Spin Wheels

The spinning feature is now everywhere; it’s one of the best tactics to bring in more people into different programs. From Earnsmart agencies, Mula empire, and Easy Earn technologies, spinning is still thriving. How does the spin wheel function? Is it worth the hype?

According to their spinning description, Easy Earn has two major types of spin wheels. The free one is available for all new active users. Once the members spin the wheel, they have chances of winning up to Ksh 1,000. As amazing as it may sound, the free spin ends up disappointing many people who win less than Ksh 30 or even nil.

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The Easy Earn technologies bet spin is meant to help you win up to Ksh 3,000 after staking at least Ksh 20. This is in theory, but the practical part might lead you to disappointment. Unlike the free spin, here, you also have chances of losing the money you gambled before spinning. In past platforms, many people have lost more times than they’ve won.

The spinning is similar to gambling, where you’re solely responsible for any decision you make. The only difference is that Easyearn Technologies hasn’t provided any legal documents to prove that they’re regulated.

Blog Articles.

We adore blogging and article writing as they’re the main legit methods that Kenyans, especially students, use to pay bills. Easy Earn technologies give a chance to its members who are interested in writing articles for money. The articles are paid based on the number of views each article gets.

The major problem with the article writing feature in Easyearn is that your blogs have to undergo approval before they’re published. Users will then invest their time in writing articles that might not be posted online. Having a personal blog gives people the freedom to publish their articles any time they wish. There are also various ways of making money from a personal blog, such as displaying ads using AdSense, Ezoic, etc.

You can read more on how to start a blog and make money while working from home. The guide highlights most of the crucial steps that you should follow to own a blog or website and the monetization methods.

Trivia Quizzes

Trivia Quizzes are random questions that are available to Easy earn technologies active members on specific days. One must answer all the questions within the limited given to get paid. They aren’t reliable in making money with Easy Earn since there are always time-outs before answering the quizzes.

Compared to the typical online surveys in Kenya that through Mpesa, the Trivias are not worth it. The main reason being you must pay the activation before you access the Easyearn questions. Offernation is one of the best paying survey sites to join, earn and withdraw once you hit the minimum payout, $1.

Paid to Watch YouTube Videos

Getting paid to watch videos would be such a fantastic deal if Easy Earn Technologies were to give any clear explanation of how it works. High chances are you’ll rarely find any videos to watch on the platform, and referrals once more become your only option. The payment is also low; there’s a high probability you’re going to use more money on data bundles than you might earn.

Other features of Easy Earn Technologies include;

  • Free eBooks downloadable in pdf format. The members can read the books or sell them to anyone interested.
  • Paid adverts where users can promote products on the platform and get paid commission once they make sales. Ceenote services were also running this program, and it was not successful. It was a way of attracting more people to join the platform with false promises.
  • Loans which supposed to be given to all Easy earn technologies members who actively invite other people to join. This rarely happens, and based on what Kenyans have experienced with mobile loan apps such as tala and branch, it’s not worth it. This feature encourages the users to invite more people and easyearn leverage the same.


Easy Earn technologies registration process requires you to create an account using an affiliate link of someone who’s already a member. You can also visit the Easyearn website to register. The next step is paying the joining fee (Ksh 500) so that you can access the features listed above. After your account is active, you can visit Easy Earn login page and enter your details.

About withdrawals

The withdrawals can be made any time from the Easy Earn technologies payout section. However, one must meet the minimum withdrawal requirement before requesting for payout. The earnings are then sent using your preferred payout method, where Mpesa is the most commonly used.

Final Thoughts

The explanation above should help you decide whether Easy Earn Technologies is a scam or even legitimate. There’s no doubt a large percentage of the people who join Easy Earn technologies will be scammed. However, some will earn thousands with it because they’re good at recruiting others. It’s therefore not worth joining if you cannot convince other people to join. Recruiting is the primary method of making money with easyearn technologies.