Cashclub App Review – Scam or Legit

Cashclub is an order-grabbing app which claims to offer different commissions to all its users based on the subscription package. It was launched in mid-July, and since then, it has already several users from Kenya and its surroundings.

This post helps us understand whether cashclub is a scam or legitimate and if it is worth joining. Therefore, we have decided to highlight all the features of Cash club and made an analysis to help all our readers make an informed decision. It’s in the same way we do during all our other posts, where we also list legitimate ways to make money online from home.

The idea of grabbing orders apps has been popular in Kenya in 2021. Apps such as amazon web worker, Kubwake, and cash24h are some of the grabbing orders platforms which have collapsed and scammed millions from Kenyans.

The apps normally claim to have partnered with top eCommerce sites such as Amazon, Jumia, and Walmart. On the contrary, there is no such kind of partnership; they’re just using the multinational companies to attract more users to leverage the amount invested and close down later. Cashclub is not different, as its features will show in the post below.

How Cashclub works

Cashclub app works similarly with the likes of cash24h, huluworks, etc. You’ve to subscribe to a package to grab an order and earn a commission. The commissions vary from one package to the other, and so do the subscription fee and other features such as minimum payout. Below are some of the features of Cashclub;

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Any person who wants to join Cashclub will have to complete the registration process. You can either use a referral link from an already existing user or visit Cashclub’s landing page and sign up.

In the registration, users must input their details, including a phone number and a password. There is also a verification option where a code is sent to the number you entered to prove it’s yours. After entering the code, you can then click register. You can then login into your cashclub login page.

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As a new user, Cashclub gives a Kshs 200 ($2) offer as a welcome bonus which cannot be withdrawn. Instead, it is used to grab orders on the free level package.

Cashclub Package Levels

Cashclub has six levels which its members can subscribe to and grab orders to make money online. High-level packages are more expensive than the lower ones. The commissions earned daily also increase with the package level. This is meant to encourage people to purchase the high valued packages so that the cash club can increase its target revenue as soon as possible.

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Level 1 package

This package is labeled as Fashion, and it’s free for all cashclub users. The minimum account balance required for you to grab orders at this level is Ksh 200, which is usually the welcome bonus given to you. The commission rate per order is 10%; thus, you earn Ksh 20 daily returns since you can only grab one order per day.

The chances level of withdrawing any amount in this package are minimal. It is by default since cashclub just wants you to upgrade to higher packages to con you.

Level 2 Package

There’s a requirement to have at least Ksh 1,000 to grab orders in this level, listed as Sports. The commission rate is 0.6% per order, and where one can only grab 18 orders daily. This gives you a total of Ksh 108 daily if you grab all the orders on this level. The daily withdrawal limit is Ksh 10,000.

Level 3 Package

This package is listed as Electronics by Cashclub, and it cost Ksh 1,000 to upgrade. You’ll, however, have to have at least Ksh 10,000 before you start grabbing orders. The commission per order is 0.65%, with 18 daily orders available, which gives a total daily income of about Ksh 1,170. The daily withdrawal limit is Ksh 100,000.

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Level 4 Package

Listed as Home; this package requires Ksh 2,000 upgrade fee. To start grabbing orders, you must have at least a Ksh 20,000 minimum account balance. There are 18 daily orders to grab with a 0.7% rate per order. Users, therefore, earn a total of Ksh 2,520 daily. The daily cash-out limit is also Ksh 100,000.

Level 5 Package

Cashclub users subscribed to this level earn 0.8% per order with the same 18 order limit daily as other packages. The subscription fee is Ksh 3,000 per year, and there’s a must-have account balance of Ksh 100,000 before you start grabbing orders. It has about Ksh 14,400 daily returns after grabbing all orders. The daily withdrawal limit is Ksh 1,000,000.

Level 6 Package

It is the highest level listed as a Luxury package with an upgrade fee of Ksh 5,000. The minimum balance required before one starts grabbing orders in this package is Ksh 200,000, and you get the same number of orders as the other VIP packages, 18 orders.

There’s a 0.85% commission rate per order, giving 15.3% when all orders are made. Which translates to Ksh 30,600 daily returns. It also has a cashout limit of Ksh 1,000,000.

Referral program

Apart from the order commissions, cashclub also offers referral commissions up to tier 3. This is aimed to make its current members invite other users. It is a common practice for all pyramidal schemes such as huluworks shop.

For instance, users on level 6 will earn 14% of all their direct referrals’ order commissions. They will also earn 10% and 5% for the tier 2 and tier 3 indirect referrals, respectively.

Is Cashclub Legit or Scam?

Cashclub is a scam app using top brands to offer attractive deals to their users and end up collapsing with their manner. Many red flags were raised from all of the Cashclub features, as indicated later in this review.

Many people fall victim to this kind of pyramidal scheme due to the high unemployment rates and desperation to get rich quickly. There is legitimate work from jobs that people can do and earn money online . Some free online paying survey sites are usually a good starting point for anyone who wants to earn money. Some of this site includes Offernation which has a low minimum withdrawal ($1) and gives all its members a $0.25 welcome bonus., which pays $1 per survey with an instant payout, is another alternative.

You may be wondering why we decided to review Cashclub as a scam, and below we have listed some of the red flags that make it not worth joining;

  • Like other Ponzi schemes, Cashclub owner is unknown; its legitimacy has not been provided anywhere. Also, there isn’t any physical location provided by the cash club.
  • It has similar features to another order grabbing which recently collapsed, including amazon web worker.
  • Cashclub uses the upgrade and recharge fees to generate revenue. They have no products or services to offer, and thus it’s bound to come to an end once it has attained its income. Some people might benefit, but most people will end up on the losing side.
  • Cash club claims to have partnered with top multinational e-commerce companies, which they haven’t provided legal documents to verify so.
  • Cases of not sending money after its current members make withdrawals is also another cash club red flag. Depositing money into cashclub is very easy compared to withdrawing.


Cashclub is not worth joining. Its similarities with other Ponzi schemes show that it’s hazardous to invest your money in the platform. However, our advice to our readers who still want to join cashclub is to invest what you can afford to lose.