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Welcome to our Ikopesa unbiased review.

We aim to help you understand what Ikopesa is, how it works and whether it’s legit or a scam.

Is it a legitimate way of making money from home? How much can you make with Ikopesa? How and when to withdraw your earnings? These are some of the questions we try to answer in this ikopesa review.

What is Ikopesa?

Ikopesa is an online platform that empowers its members to make money online tips. It is an international website that also offers digital marketing courses to help you start an online business.

How it works

To be an active member of Ikopesa, you’ll have to create an account by registering using your phone number.

The next step is activating your account with Kshs 80 ($0.8). It is a one-time fee without any renewals. It is a mandatory fee to all Ikopesa active users. You will be prompted to pay via Mpesa. Otherwise you can use PayPal or any other method that you prefer provided it’s listed on the site.

After activating your Ikopesa account, you can now login into your account. In your ikopesa account, you will be able to access the digital marketing course, which you can start reading immediately. There are also different ways through which you can make money with Ikopesa.

How you’ll earn with Ikopesa

1. Ikopesa Affiliate Program

Ikopesa app pays you Kshs 40 ($0.4) for every person who joins Ikopesa through your affiliate link. There is no limit to the number of people you can invite to join Ikopesa. However, you should note that you will only earn affiliate commission once your referrals pay the Kshs 80 ($0.8) activation fee. Free signups won’t earn you anything.

When your referrals in tier 1 invite other people to join Ikopesa, you’ll earn an indirect bonus, Kshs 15 each. This is tier 2 of your referrals, which has no limit to the number of indirect referrals you can earn from in Ikopesa.

2. Ikopesa Spin

Like many online referral programs in Kenya, Ikopesa also has a spin wheel. The free spin is usually accessible to new users, and it is not a must-you win any amount after spinning.

One of the main disadvantages of the spin wheels in Kenyan online platforms. Is that members use the free spin for marketing the platforms even though the primary way of earning is through referrals. People will then end up joining a platform because they were promised to make a fortune through spinning. What follows is frustration after realizing referring is the primary method of earning.

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If your aim is to join Ikopesa so that you can earn through spinning. It would be best if you refrained from doing so since there are high chances you will earn less than the ikopesa joining fee or sometimes nothing.

Ikopesa Digital Marketing course

Digital Marketing course is the main product that Ikopesa offers you after paying the $0.8. The course has free access and subdivided into days, from day one to the 60th day.

Each day you’ll learn something new about digital marketing.

Given the cost of the course, it’s definitely worth trying, you’ll learn a lot of stuff about marketing.

The course is divided into four chapters, that is, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, SEO marketing and Affiliate Marketing. It is both helpful for newbies and also experts.

The course mainly teaches you how you get more affiliates. Ikopesa also offers a learning bonus after completing their studies. I highly recommend the course to anyone who’s interested in digital marketing.

Ikopesa withdrawals

You can withdraw your Ikopesa earnings anytime you reach the minimum payout (Ksh 200 or $2). The payout methods are both Mpesa and PayPal.

Ikopesa Pros

  • Low joining fee.
  • Great Digital Marketing course
  • Instant Withdrawals

Ikopesa Cons

  • There are complaints that sometimes Ikopesa delays in activating new users’ accounts. (Update) The issue seems to be have fixed.
  • The digital marketing cannot be accessed as whole

Is Ikopesa legit or a scam

Based on the current information we have, ikopesa is a legitimate platform. The risk is relatively minimal since the joining fee is meager compared to other platforms. The company has a digital product ensuring its legitimacy. We will keep on updating this review in case of changes in ikopesa.

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Seeing that Ikopesa is a legitimate platform, we have done our analysis and concluded it is worth joining. Platforms that majorly rely on referrals end up collapsing in later stages when almost everyone has joined. However, since Ikopesa is product based company the possibility of it collapsing is very low.