CIC Money Market Fund review

CIC Money Market Fund is a legitimate company licensed by Capital Market Authority (CMA). It’s a low-risk fund that targets investors looking for a high degree of capital stability and who are strictly risk averse to earn a daily interest in their investment, capital preservation without long-term capital growth. Due to its ease of withdrawal, CIC is also suitable for investors in need of a safe place to park their funds for future project use.

Launched in June 2011, CIC has Kenya Commercial Bank as the Trustee, Co-op Custodial Services as the Custodian, and CIC Asset Management Ltd as the Fund Manager. This has justified its legitimacy, and with a low risk profile, it is one of the trusted money market funds.

Investors from different countries, including Kenya, Uganda can invest with the CIC money market fund. This review aims to explain some of CIC’s key features to help any potential investor make an informed decision.

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How it works

To have a guaranteed membership in the CIC money market fund, one must make a minimum investment of Ksh 5,000. Afterward, investors can top up their funds with at least Ksh 1,000. The invested amount will be earning interests based on the rates given by CIC.

There’re no initial fees applied to invest the fees. A 2% annual management fee is, however, charged.

All investors can access their money as long as they make a short notice of about 2 to 4 working days. CIC Money Market Fund also sends Statements are to its investors at the end of each month. The statements can be received via email without any charges, but if one wants to receive them via Post, Ksh 50 fee is applied.

Benefits of CIC Money Market Fund to Investors

Security for the funds

With the help of CICAM, investors are free to transfer their funds from CIC to any other fund they wish.


Having the freedom to make withdrawal requests is always essential in any financial institution. CIC ensures that the investors can withdraw their money without penalty fees as long they make short notice.

Competitive Returns

Money from all investors is pooled together, giving CIC Money Market an added advantage when competing for interest rates. The large sum attracts high interest, thus giving a high ROI.

Professional Fund Management

With its professional group of investment managers, CIC investors benefit from their expertise which raises the stakes of getting better returns.


With the help of CICAM, investors are free to transfer their funds from CIC to any other fund they wish.

How to Join

You can join CIC Money Market Fund as an Individual, Joint, or Corporate. Each of these ways has different application forms with distinct requirements as indicated below:

Individual/Joint application requirements

Both requirements for individual and joint application forms are similar. The only difference is that a maximum of three people can open an account in a joint application. At least two people have to include their details during joint account application.

To open a CIC money market fund individual or joint account, the following information is required.

  • Applicants’ email addresses, passport or ID numbers, and their names.
  • The residential area and also the occupation of the applicants.
  • Sources of funds such as inheritance, gifts, savings, loans, and others.
  • Bank and investment details and also payment methods.
  • Complete a risk assessment survey test given in the form.
  • Give the regular amount they’ll be willing to top up every month.

Also attach the following documents for all the signatories, ID or passport copy, a copy of KRA PIN, passport pictures, Bank details copy such as ATM card or bank statement.

Corporate application requirements

Corporates will have to give the following information when joining CIC Money Market Fund;

  • The Company’s name
  • At least two signatories’ details, including their names, email addresses, ID/passport numbers, etc.
  • State the source of funds which might include Savings, loans, Sale of stocks, and more.
  • Company’s bank details such as account name, account number bank, and branch name.
  • Preferred payment methods, if they’re interested in reinvesting, they can select this option during application.
  • How the company want to receive the Statements either via email or post.
  • The amount the company is willing to top up on a monthly basis.

The application form must be submitted together with Copies of all signatories’ ID or Passport, the company’s KRA PIN, the Company’s Certificate of Incorporation, all signatories’ passport pictures, and the Company’s bank details.

You can learn more about CIC Money Market Fund by watching the guide below;

Payment Methods

CIC money market fund has multiple methods of payments that their investors can choose from during application. Some of these methods include Mpesa, Cheque, Direct Transfer, and more. If the investors are not ready to withdraw their money, they can reinvest the interests earned plus the principal amounts back to the fund.

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