Kram Investments Kenya: Full review

Welcome to our Kram Investments review. We will look into what it is, how Kram Investment works, if it is worth joining, whether Kram investments is a scam or legit, and more.

What is Kram Investments

Kram Investments is an online platform that claims to be offering high ROI to all its members who invest with them. It was launched in July 2021. Being majorly based in Kenya, it has attracted many people interested in making money online . Many investment platforms have been established lately, and while most of them leave their ‘investors’ in tears, desperate people still risk investing in the platforms.

To register with Kram Investments, the person interested will be required to look for a referral link from an existing member and use it to join. Otherwise, they can register directly on the Kram investment website. There is a mandatory registration fee for all new members. The fee is Ksh 500, and it’s non-refundable.

How it Works

From its name, you can deduce that Kram Investments has various features, including paying their interests to the investors, referral programs, etc. Usually, in investment companies, stock investments, online trading, and more, the users aren’t assured of the outcome; profits and losses are possible. However, with Kram investments, they not only promise you constant interest, but you’ll also get high returns within a minimum period.

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Investment features

The minimum amount one can invest with Kram Investments is Ksh 500, whereas the maximum investment amount is Ksh 20,000.

The investments are only made at a specific session; usually, 5 am, 10 am, 3 pm, 7 pm, and 11 pm. Only one investment is allowed for every account.

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The return on investment is 30% in 96 hours, precisely four days. That’s a considerable interest; it somehow reminds us of some other Ponzi schemes like supreme harvesters and live auction. Take a scenario where you invest Ksh 20,000, and after four days only, you’ll have Ksh 26,000, that is, your investment plus the Ksh 6,000 interest.

The interest rates are too high, and because Kram Investments has not explained how they can pay such huge interest, the possibility of it being a scam pile on.

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To get a clear picture of how absurd the interest rates are, think of a user who invests Ksh 2,000, and as expected, after four days, he would get 30% interest, Ksh 600. Now let’s say they decide to reinvest the Ksh 2,000; after another 96 hours, he’ll have more Ksh 600. The table below shows how reinvesting the principal amount for 28 days consecutively results in huge interests that not even the top banks can offer after such a short period.


One common thing with the pyramidal scheme is that they always have ways of attracting more members. The best way to do so is by paying commission to the members to encourage them to bring in more members. How does Kram Investments this goal?

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As stated earlier, to be a Kram Investments active member, you must register with Ksh 500. Once a user invites a new member and pays the registration fee, the referrer will be paid Ksh 300, 60% of the registration. The referrer also gets commission in level 2; thus, the need to invite more people to join Kram Investment Kenya arises.

When the new members join and invest, Kram can then use the money to pay the old members their interest. With time, the rate at which people join Kram Investments will decrease, increasing the chances of the platform collapsing.

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According to their description, Kram Investments members can request withdrawal anytime they wish, and it’s instant. It’s common when a platform is new; as time goes by, delays start occurring, and in most cases, the members aren’t paid, especially after collapsing.

Is it a Scam or Legit?

Kram Investments is a scam that offers extremely high ROI to its current to attract more new users to join. It aims to leverage its high number of users by paying only a few of them and then collapsing. It can be deduced from other schemes such as Cash24h that collapsed later after accumulating enough money.

These kinds of online platforms target desperate youths and students looking for legit online jobs that they can use to earn extra income. Some of the legit ways to make money online include online surveys such as offernation, online writing jobs, transcription jobs, virtual assistant and more.

Avoiding joining Kram Investments is the best choice; however, if you feel you’re willing to risk your money, invest what you can afford to lose.