Supreme Harvesters review: Legit or Scam?

Supreme Harvesters is a referral and investment program that claims to be offering earning opportunities for its members.

We have decided to write this review to help people who are about to join or have already joined supreme harvesters.

How Supreme harvesters work

To join supreme harvesters, you must pay a non-refundable fee of Kes 1200.

There are different ways of earning in supreme harvesters, according to their website.

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Please take a look at supreme harvesters below, which will help decide whether it is worth joining.

Supreme Harvesters Methods of earning

1. Through referrals

Supreme Harvesters has a referral program that their active members can use to invite other people.

There are three levels of earnings in supreme harvesters as described below;

Level 1: You will earn Kes 800 for every person who joins supreme harvesters with your link. There is no limit to the number of people you can invite to join supreme harvesters.

Level 2: you’ll earn Kes 200 for every referral in this level. Referrals in this level are those invited by your level 1 downlines.

Level 3: When your level 2 downlines invite other people to join supreme harvesters, you’ll earn Kes 100 each.

To earn anything from your referrals at any level, they must have registered with supreme harvesters and paid the activation fee, Kes 1200. If someone joins using the link and does not pay the registration fee, you will not earn anything.

Supreme Harvesters has a pyramidal scheme structure. They are using the money paid by their new members to pay the old members. In most cases, pyramidal schemes end up collapsing when there are no more people joining.

2. Supreme Harvesters Investment

Supreme Harvesters has an investment program that promises a high return on investment.

They are offering a 30% interest for investment after three days. If you invest Kes 5000 with Supreme Harvesters, you will earn an interest of Kes 1500 after three days. Besides, you will also get a 60% interest if you invest your money for 5 days.

It sounds too good to be true. We have seen it happen in some previous online platforms. They typically pay their members the interests in the early days and then end conning people later. Such huge interests within a short period are absurd, and it is one reason we believe Supreme Harvesters is a scam.

Most Supreme Harvesters members are from Kenya. There have been many Ponzi schemes such as publiclikes, amazon web worker, achievers online globally,richkash, cash24h conning Kenyans. Supreme Harvesters has many attributes that may suggest it is a Ponzi scheme.

3. Trivia questions

Paid online surveys are one of the ways to make money online in Kenya. Usually, survey sites and apps are free to join, which is not the case with Supreme Harvesters. They give trivia questions to their members on certain days. For every correctly answered question, Supreme Harvesters pay Kes 10.

4. Supreme harvesters Forex Classes

This is a positive thing about Supreme Harvesters online business. The forex lessons are offered on Sunday to all the active members interested. They are mostly the basic forex skills which might be of help to some interested people.

Forex lessons are not a direct way of earning in supreme harvesters. You will be offered only the skills; it’s upon you to apply them elsewhere to make money with the skills.

Supreme Harvesters’ other methods of earning include spinning, scrabble games, etc. There are both free and bet spins. Free spins are majorly for new users. To participate in bet spins, one must stake a certain amount and then spin the wheel. The chances of winning depend on your luck; it is not a guaranteed way of earning.

Supreme Harvesters minimum withdrawal

Supreme Harvesters has a minimum withdrawal of Kes 200 and a transaction cost of Kes 80. For most Ponzi schemes, the minimum withdrawal keeps on increasing, don’t be surprised if Supreme Harvesters does the same.

Supreme Harvesters merits and demerits.

1.Free forex classes offered.Has a pyramidal scheme structure.
2.Offers a very high ROI
3.Owner details aren’t clear.
4.No legal documents provided to prove its legitimacy.


Suppose you are still wondering whether Supreme Harvesters is legit. The quick answer is Supreme Harvesters is a scam. It is not worth joining; few people might benefit from it. Nevertheless, most Supreme Harvesters will end up losing their investments. There are many legit work from home jobs you can try and start making money online.