Is Publicmake a scam?

Are you trying to figure out whether Publicmake is legit or a scam?

This review will answer your questions about Publicmake. We decided to join it to give an unbiased review.

Is publicmake a scam?

The short answer is publicmake is a big scam—Publicmake, which is very similar to the infamous Ponzi scheme, publiclikes, which collapsed in 2017. Kenyans have recently been scammed by various platforms such as amazon web worker Africa, Cash24h, Kubwake, Richkash, live auction, etc. Being skeptical is, therefore, important when it comes to these online businesses.

Still don’t think Publicmake is not legit? Let’s take a look at how it works.

How Publicmake works

They have both a free and premium package.

With the free package, you’ll probably never withdraw your earnings.

Publicmake premium package costs Kshs 2500 per month. With this package, users can do all sorts of tasks on the publicmake site. Some of the tasks include PTC tasks, watching videos, etc.

Each PTC click earns Kshs 20, and when your direct referrals participate in it, you’ll earn Kshs 5 per click.

The PTC ads are almost similar day by day. It is therefore not clear how they are making money used to pay their members. The package fee paid by the publicmake new users seems to be used to pay the existing members. This means the company will eventually collapse when fewer members are joining. Publicmake is not a viable way to work from home and make money online for students or any other person.

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Publicmake Referral program

Users also earn from any person they refer. You will earn Kshs 1,000 per referral. However, the person you referred must upgrade their account for you to earn the referral commission. This seems like a strategy used by most Ponzi schemes to encourage their current members to invite more new users. The referral commissions will be earned every month as long as your downlines renew their packages.

Apart from the direct referral commissions, Publicmake members also earn Kshs 150 and Kshs 50 from indirect referrals in their 2nd and 3rd tiers, respectively.

After we decided to join Publicmake and test whether it is a scam or not, they sent a welcome message. Below is a quote of the section we found to be hypocritical.

Please note there is no online business that will promise you money without buying products, having prospects or selling products affiliated to the company. There will never be an easy way of making money online. Network marketing is the way to go. Any online business promising you money without selling, buying and having prospects is most likely to be scammy.

Publicmake doesn’t seem to have any product they are selling, be it a physical or digital product. According to their description, any business without any products to sell is a con. Since they have no products, it is clear they are also scammers.

Publicmake withdrawals

Withdrawals made during working days are disbursed on the same days, while those made on Saturday and Sunday are disbursed on Monday.

Publicmake minimum withdrawal is Kshs 5,000. The payout methods are limited to Localbitcoins and coinpayments. These methods aren’t accessible to most Kenyans.

Similarities between Publicmake and Publiclikes

  • The design of the websites is the same for both schemes.
  • Both are offering paid-to-click PTC tasks.
  • The minimum payout is Kshs 5000 on both sites.
  • They both have similar referral programs.

The parting shot

Here at Online Jobs Reviews , we aim to provide you with legitimate work from home jobs, make money online ideas and at the same time review various platforms. If you would like to learn how to trace ‘make money online’ scams, this article will greatly help.