Safwork Kenya Review- Legit or Scam

Welcome to my Safwork review       

Chances are someone approached you with Safwork business opportunity and you landed here to understand if it’s legit or a scam.

Let’s take a look at how Safwork works, earning methods and whether it’s worth joining or not.

I hope this safwork review will help you make the right decision. Just pay close attention and read it to the end.

What is Safwork Kenya?

Safwork Kenya, found at, is a new platform which claims to be offering an earning opportunity where users can make money online by completing various tasks.

According to the website, Safwork is free to join and there’s no activation fee.

Most of its traffic is majorly in Kenya and based on the overall site description other countries cannot join the platform.

The name Safwork might tempt you to think they’re affiliated with Safaricom. However, it’s not the case, and there is no connection between the two.

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How it works

Safwork Kenya pays its users to complete tasks such as installing apps, completing surveys, social posts, watching videos and more as discussed later.

Before I give my opinion about Safwork Kenya, below is an explanation of each method of earning as indicated on the platform.

Downloading Apps

Imagine getting paid Ksh 250 to download and install an app in your phone.

Does it sound right? For my case it didn’t, to confirm if it’s true I decided to join and try it out.

The apps to be installed have varying payment rates, the highest paying was Ksh 80 while on the lower side there were apps paying Ksh 2.

Watching Videos

Safwork has embedded some videos where they claim to be paying people Ksh 50 per video watched.

On the your account dashboard you can see the video task section. After checking it out I was surprised to see videos paying Ksh 100 if I just watched for 1 minute and subscribed.

All of these didn’t make sense as YouTube barely pays over $10 per 1000 views to its YouTube creators especially those in low revenue niche.

How then could someone pay you Ksh 100 per view and one subscriber. Perhaps it’s possible, I just don’t buy it.


Surveys pays, I am referring to some well-known legitimate survey sites such as Offernation and Surveytime. You might not make a living by participating in surveys but when done during your free time, you can earn additional income that might help you pay bills.

As for Safwork Kenya surveys, you’re supposed to earn Ksh 200 per survey completed. Looks like the surveys are from Wannads which as you’ll notice from the website, they rarely pay Ksh 200 per survey.

Daily Checkin Reward

If you login into your safwork daily, they’ve a Ksh 25 bonus for you. I am not sure whether the bonus is constant or it varies with days.

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Referrals and social posts

All safwork members are given a unique link that they can use to invite their friends or share it in social media platforms.

The referral bonus is Ksh 100 per person who creates account with the platform.

About Withdrawals

Safwork method of withdrawal is Mpesa. You must have referred at least 10 members before you make your first withdraw.

The minimum withdrawal is Ksh 5,000. All payout requests are processed on Saturday hence there aren’t instant withdrawals.

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Legit or Scam

You may be wondering what’s safwork business model (how safwork makes money) that generate revenue to afford paying its users after completing the tasks.

Well, Safwork Kenya states that they partner with advertisers who pay them to get traffic. They in turn pay the members for inviting more people. This is an explanation I couldn’t buy. There should a clear indication of companies that have partnered with the website.

As of now there’s no way we can make a final decision if Safwork Kenya is a scam or not.

My recommendation is no matter what, don’t pay any money to them. There have been cases where various platforms get featured as free and then end up asking their members to pay a certain fee so that they can receive the money.

We haven’t withdrawn any amount from Safwork since there are many requirements which we do not find worth our time.


The first question you should ask whenever you see any company offering an earning opportunity is, how is the company generating revenue?

If you find the answer, analyze the model to see if they’re indeed making more money than what they’re willing to pay the members. In case they aren’t, avoid investing any amount with the platform.

Safwork Kenya if it remains free, might be a better way of working from home and getting paid via Mpesa. For now, we cannot verify that it’s legitimate even though it’s free until members receive their earnings without having to pay any fees before.

What do you think about Safwork Kenya? Are you a member yet? If yes, share your experience in the comment section below.

Safwork Kenya FAQs

Is Safwork Kenya Legit?

No. Safwork Kenya is a scam which will waste your time and bundles while watching the videos and participating in other tasks on the site. Once you request for withdrawal, you’ll not receive any earnings.

Is it worth joining?

Safwork Kenya is not worth joining at all. You’re required to invest a lot of time trying to hit the minimum payout and after that you will not get paid.