Is State Earn Agencies Legit? A Must Read Review

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You might have heard about StateEarn agencies and you decided to do thorough research. Good news is we have compiled all its features to help you understand whether you should join and activate your account. Our reviews here at Online Jobs Reviews are meant to create awareness to help our readers make informed decision when it comes to make money online opportunities.

What is StateEarn Agencies? Is State Earn legit? How does StateEarn Agencies Kenya work? Is it a legit Online work from home job ? These and many others are some of the questions that will be answered in this StateEarn Agencies review.

What is State Earn Agencies?

State Earn Agencies, found online at, is an online business opportunity with multiple ways of earning, referring to the primary method. It is set to be launched on October 15, 2022, with most of its traffic expected to be coming from Uganda. It’s also available in other countries such as Kenya, Zambia and Tanzania.

State Earn agencies Uganda

According to Whois, domain was registered on September 26, 2022 meaning it’s only a few months old. There isn’t much trust considering how these types of sites operate.

Most of its features are similar to those of Lipapal Agencies, whose review we had written earlier.

How does State Earn work?

State Earn Agencies work in a networking model. You join under someone, and you’re also required to pay Ksh 450 (UGX 17,000), a one-time and mandatory fee for your account to be active. Below are some of the features that give a clear description of how StateEarn works;

Referral program

The referral program is entirely the primary revenue model for State Earn Agencies. StateEarn users get an affiliate link to invite people interested in joining the program and earn referral bonuses when they activate their accounts.

In many affiliate programs such as Jumia, Amazon, and more, the promoters will be paid commissions whenever they make a product or service sale. The commission varies with the price of the product, and there are usually no registration fees.

On the other hand, the State Earn referral program is in a way that you can’t be an affiliate unless you’re an active member. Since there are no products to promote, the users only earn a commission when the members they’ve invited pay the activation fee of UGX 17000 (Kshs 450). The referrals bonus is structured into three stages where each one of them has a specific amount.

Line One: It includes people who directly join State Earn Agencies using your referral link. Once they sign up and activate their accounts, you’ll earn Kshs 250 (UGX 7500) each.

Line Two: Involves indirect referrals who’re invited to join State Earn Agencies by your direct referrals in line one. You’ll earn Ksh 150 (UGX 4500) from each member at this line, and there is no limit to the number of people you can invite.

Line Three: you’ll earn a Ksh 50 (UGX 1500) commission for every person invited by your indirect downlines in level 2.

StateEarn agencies is legit

Compensation Plan by Country


CountryJoining feeLevel 1Level 2Level 3
UgandaUGX 17000UGX 7500UGX 4500UGX 1500
KenyaKES 450KES 250KES 100KSH 50
ZambiaZK 90ZK 36.4ZK 21.5ZK 14.4
TanzaniaTZS 11,500TZS 5,000TZS 3,000TZS 2,000
RwandaRWF 4500RWF 2110RWF 844RWF 422
BurundiBIF 17000BIF 4250BIF 1700BIF 850


Pay-per-click (PPC) is an online advertising model in which an advertiser pays a publisher every time an advertisement link is “clicked” on.

Get paid by clicking on ADS which will be available for all. The more adverts you click the more money you earn.

State Earn Spins

The spinning feature is now everywhere; it’s one of the best tactics to bring more people into different programs. From Bestmula agencies, Secure Earn, and Smarthela, spinning is still thriving. How does the spin wheel function? Is it worth the hype?

According to their spinning description, State Earn has two major types of spin wheels. The free one is available for all new active members. Once the members spin the wheel, they have chances of winning up to Ksh 3,300.

Sometimes the spin wheels might favor you. If State Earn Agencies, one is even close to the one offered by Cash Chat App, then it’s definitely worth it. It’s the only spin wheel where I have earned more than the registration fee.

The State Earn Agencies bet spin is meant to help you win up to a certain amount as indicated on the wheel after staking at least Kes 25. This is in theory, but the practical part might lead you to disappointment. Unlike the free spin, here, you also have chances of losing the money you gambled before spinning. In past platforms, many people have lost more times than they’ve won.

The spinning is similar to gambling, where you’re solely responsible for any decision you make. The only difference is that StateEarn Agencies hasn’t provided any legal documents to prove that they’re regulated.

Forex lessons

State Earn Agencies Forex lessons

Learn more about forex with this platform. They’ve complied a course that will mostly help beginners who are interested in trading. Trading can help you make money online but at the same time you may lose. There are many trading platforms in Kenya which include AIB where you can buy and sell shares. The State Earn forex course can help you get started but don’t limit yourself to the course only.


Trivia Quizzes are random questions that are available to State Earn Agencies active members on specific days. One must answer all the questions within the limited given to get paid. They aren’t reliable in making money with State Earn since there are always time-outs before answering the quizzes.

State Earn Agencies earn from trivia

Compared to the typical online surveys in Kenya that through Mpesa, the State Earn surveys might not be worth it. The main reason being you must pay the activation before you access the Agencies surveys. Surveytime is one of the free best-paying survey sites to join; earn $1 per survey, which you can withdraw instantly via PayPal.

Watch YouTube Videos

Stateearn YouTube earnings

Getting paid to watch videos would be such a fantastic deal if StateEarn Agencies gave any clear explanation of how it works. If you remember Safwork Kenya, then you for sure wouldn’t be enticed by the YouTube earning feature.

How to Join and Login

StateEarn Agencies registration process requires you to create an account using a referral link of someone who’s already a member. You can also visit the website to create your account.

The next step is paying the joining fee UGX 17000 (KES 450) so that you can access the features listed above.

After your account is active, you can visit the login page and enter your details.

How do you get paid?

The withdrawals can be made any time from the State Earn Agencies payout section. However, one must meet the minimum withdrawal requirement before requesting for payout. The earnings are then sent using your preferred payout method, where Mpesa is the most commonly used.

StateEarn Agencies payment proofs

The minimum withdrawal is currently Kshs 400 with a transaction fee of Kes 40 which is doesn’t change no matter the amount you’re withdrawing.

For other countries you can get paid via the mobile money option offered in the account.

Conclusion: Is it Legit?

The explanation above should help you decide whether State Earn Agencies is a scam or even legitimate. It will only be legit if you make money with it, and given; they’re some payment proofs, you can say that StateEarn is not a scam. Nevertheless, there’s no sure way of knowing as previously we have seen platforms fake legal documents.

Some members will earn with StateEarn Agencies they’re good at networking. It’s therefore up to you to make an informed decision whether it’s worth joining based on the information given in this review.