Forsage BUSD Kenya Review | Scam or legit

This review will explain everything you should know about the Forsage BUSD smart contract. Whether you’ve joined it or not, awareness is the critical factor in any online business. By walking with you on how forsage works, whether you can make money by joining or not, you’ll have a clear understanding of if forsage BUSD is a scam or legit.

Many people from all countries, including Kenya, Russia, India, Nigeria, and more, are already joining forsage BUSD in large numbers. With some people joining due to peer pressure and desperate for work-from-home jobs, a forsage review is necessary to explain what it is and whether it is worth joining.

How Forsage BUSD Works

Forsage works on three distinct blockchains; Tron, Ethereum, and BUSD. BUSD refers to Binance Smart Chain, which according to forsage it’s a more stable cryptocurrency that its users can use to transact. Ethereum and Tron preceded BUSD, although they work in almost similar ways.

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There are three main sections in forsage BUSD; forsage x3, x4, and triple x. All these sections are matrix-based, and they all revolve around recruiting other people to join. The sections have different levels and slots(places) with various commission rewards.

X3 Program

This section has 12 levels with at least three slots. Each slot represents a downline to which you’ve directly referred or was invited by your other downlines.

The earnings in this level keep on increasing as you move from one level to the other. However, to move from one level to the other, you’ll need three times the downlines you had in the previous level.

For instance, to complete level 1, you must have invited three people to occupy the three slots on this level. Similarly, to finish level 2, you must have nine indirect referrals, and this will happen in level three, where you’ll need 27 people in that sequence. This illustrates forsage BUSD as a pyramid that enlarges as you move from top to bottom.

X4 Program

Forsage BUSD X4 program has 12 levels as well. The 1st level has two lines with a total of six slots. It’s in the form of a 2 by 2 matrix where the number of downlines required to complete a level doubles as you move downwards.

Triple x program

In this forsage program, one level has 14 fourteen slots on three lines. It is just in a similar way with the other programs. The main factor is referrals which still play the most crucial part for a forsage member to earn money online.

This triple x program was launched in July 2021.

Earning features

Let’s look at various ways of earning with forsage BUSD, as illustrated on their website. How legitimate are the earning methods, and can you indeed make money with forsage or is it just another hyped platform?

1. Referrals

This is the backbone of how all forsage BUSD members are making money. Without referrals, it will probably end up collapsing. The referral commission is paid depending on the level and the program. The commission is not always paid to you; for example, your first two downlines’ commissions in the triple x program will be paid to your uplines.

Although the referral earnings increase as your team grows, the number of downlines must increase at the same rate to get the earnings. If we, for example, consider the forsage BUSD x3 program, the downlines required to complete the level are 243, who will fill all the slots in the lines. You won’t move from level 5 to level 6 until all the 243 slots are filled, which is why it is tough to make money with forsage BUSD.

2. Spillovers

Forsage spillovers refer to the excess people who’re invited by an upline and end up filling in a downline slot. This is usually for those people who aren’t able to recruit other members.

Spillover’s feature is usually how many people are trapped into joining forsage BUSD. Someone will try convincing you that even if you cannot recruit people to join under you, they will do it on your behalf. More than 90% of these promises aren’t kept, and hence all the investments made are lost.

Generally, if you cannot refer other people, the best choice is avoiding forsage BUSD since spillovers aren’t reliable.

3. Overflows

Forsage has made it clear that one will always have to upgrade when moving from one level to another. Whenever a member decides, they won’t upgrade to the next level, the earnings in the previous level will be paid to the uplines. These types of earnings are referred to as overflows.

Overflow does not benefit you when you’re no longer interested in upgrading your account to another level. You’re the victim since it’s your earnings getting paid to your upline partners.


To join forsage BUSD, you must register for both x3 and x4 programs, each costing 5 BUSD. Therefore, you must have a total of 10 BUSD as the registration fee and the transaction fees 0.005 BNB. The activation of the two programs, X3 and X4, is done at the same time. The fees are nonrefundable; once you pay the registration fee, you cannot change your mind and ask for a refund.

New forsage members can pay the registration fee using various methods, including Binance exchange, TockenPocket, MetsMask, iOS and Desktop version, Trust Wallet, and more. These accounts are loaded with the 10 BUSD and 0.005 BND before registration.

Is it a scam or legit?

Since the smart contract is based on referring other people for you to earn, Forsage BUSD is only legit for members who can recruit other people to join under them. On the other hand, those members who cannot refer other people to join forsage BUSD have a high chance of losing their investments. Consequently, forsage BUSD will be a scam in their case. The claim that it’s better than online trading cannot be further from the truth.

Some online platforms, such as crowd1, ended scamming thousands of people worldwide started in the same way as Forsage. Other common platforms that started as Make Money Online sites and ended conning Kenyans recently include cash24h, live auction and the infamous amazon web worker.

Is it worth joining?

If you have read through our review and feel that forsage BUSD is reliable, you can join it. You should always know that it’s a referral program, and thus you must invite others to start earning.

Availability of many legitimate sites such as surveytime and offernation surveys, where you can earn by taking part in market research surveys without investment will always offset platforms like forsage.

It’s a risk to join forsage, and you’re responsible for anything that might happen. From experience, all pyramidal schemes end up collapsing with time when there are no more people joining.