Royal smart Earnings review: Crimson coin Explained

When it comes to online platforms especially the ones where you must pay before joining, it is important you first understand how they actually work to avoid being scammed. I have therefore decided to write Royal smart Earnings review. I will be glad if this article will help you understand how it works, whether it is a scam or legit, and whether it is worth joining. My advice is you read the entire article to avoid missing any important point about Royal smart Earnings.

Royal smart earnings


According to their site, Royal smart Earnings is an online platform that is referral based and also where you can buy and sell crimson coin. They also offer other ways of earning although I will not dwell much on them.

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When was Royal smart Earnings launched?

Royal smart Earnings was launched on 1st March, 2021.

How Royal smart Earnings works

Like many platforms, Royal smart Earnings requires you to pay a non-refundable fee, Kshs 1200, while registering. The fee is paid once without any renewals not unless they introduce them.

Different ways of earning

1. Referrals

Yes. Royal smart Earnings is referral-based program, and therefore as you will notice, if you decide to join them, the main way of earning is referring other people who may be interested to join Royal smart Earnings. They have three stages of earning as illustrated below;

Level 1:here you will earn Kshs 800 for every direct referral that joins Royal smart Earnings. Direct referrals refer to people who registers using your referral link.

Level 2:whenever someone in your level 1 invites another person to join Royal smart Earnings, you will earn Kshs 200. There is no limit to the number of indirect level 2 referrals you can have.

Level 3: If your level 2 referral invites someone else you will earn Kshs 100. Similarly, there is no limit to the number of level 3 referrals you can earn from.

NB: For you to earn from all your direct and indirect referrals, they must activate their accounts by paying the registration fee, Kshs 1200. This is important thing to note especially if you are not good at referring others. Think about this before joining.

Royal smart earnings

2. By buying and selling Crimson.

Royal smart Earnings has introduced a cryptocurrency like coin, whose initial price is expected to be Kshs 1. This means if you will be among the first people to join you will have the privilege of buying the coin at 1 bob.

Just like other cryptos, the price of Crimson depends on the demand and supply. When the demand is high the price will definitely increase and you are likely to sell your Crimson coin at a great profit. On the other hand, when a lot of people want to sell their Crimson coins, the price will fall and some people will make losses.

For example, if you joined Royal smart Earnings its launch date and bought 1000 Crimson coins each at Kshs 1. Then after about 5 days the price of each Crimson coin shoots to Kshs 8. Your 1000 Crimson coins will now be worth Kshs 8000, so if you decide to sell them, you will have made a profit of Kshs 7000. This might sound appealing although the worst can also happen, where instead of the price rising, the value of Crimson coin keeps on depreciating. In such cases you will end up selling your Crimson coins at lower price than the buying price.

Generally, like other referral-based platforms, the earlier you join the higher chances you will have of earning. My prediction is that the price of the Crimson coins will increase during the first days when the traffic is increasing at a higher rate, and then remain constant or even end up falling.

Note that Crimson coin is not a recognized cryptocurrency and therefore you should by it your risk.

3. Other Methods of earning

Royal smart Earnings still has other minor ways of you can earn money which are illustrated below:


Spinning; Royal smart Earnings spin wheel is based on your luck. You cannot earn significant amount with it. They have a free spin for new members and also paid spins which you can spin anytime you stake. The spins are similar to gambling where your chances of winning are not guaranteed at all.


You can also earn through Royal smart Earnings blogs although they pay low amounts. Moreover, your blog must be approved which might take some days. They pay per views and despite hyping it too much, the payments are peanuts which you might not even withdraw.

Royal smart earnings

It is important you note that the major method that can help you make sufficient income with Royal smart Earnings is referring. If you are good at networking then maybe you can give it a trial. On the other hand, if you cannot refer anyone, then I would advice you to avoid joining Royal smart Earnings.
Is Royal smart Earnings available worldwide?

Yes, it is available worldwide even though most of its members are Kenyan based. They claim to be offering other means of payment apart from Mpesa which include PayPal, bitcoin wallet etc.

Is Royal smart Earnings legit or a scam?

Having followed most of these referrals based online platforms, I can confidently say that they rarely last long. I do not think that Royal smart Earnings is different. Below I have highlighted some of the pros and cons of Royal smart Earnings.



Low joining fee compared to other platforms. Although it is also higher than other known platforms.


It is good for people who are interested in referrals.



Main way of earning is by referring other people hence not suitable for people with no or less network.


Crimson coin is not a recognized cryptocurrency.


Any business is a risk, there are no guaranteed profits or losses. Whenever you find a business where you are promised high ROI then you should first do thorough check before you decide joining any platform. It is your personal decision to either join Royal smart Earnings or not.

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