Mula Empire online business review: All you should know

Mula Empire is a new online business that has different earning methods. In many ways, it is similar to other online platforms such as eazycash, Earnsmart, etc. but with some added earning ways.
In this review, you will get all the information you need to understand how Mula Empire.

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I have written both pros and cons of the Mula Empire, not to be confused with Mula Membership, and I believe they will help you make an informed decision on whether you should join Mula Empire or not.

Mula empire

When was Mula Empire launched?

Mula Empire was launched on the 29thof January, 2021. To access the Mula Empire website, click here.

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Mula Empire methods of earning

1. Referrals

Mula Empire is not different from other online platforms; you will earn more as you invite other interested people to join you in Mula Empire.

There are three levels that you can earn in as elaborated below;

Level one; when someone registers using your referral affiliate link, you will be paid Kshs 300. You can refer as many people as you can, and as long as they register using your link, you will get Kshs 300 each.

Level two; whenever your level one referral invites another person, you will earn Kshs 150 to infinity. There is no limit to the number of level 2 referrals you can earn from.

Level three; you will earn Kshs 50 for every person invited to join Mula Empire by your level two indirect affiliates; this is the last level from which you will earn from.

mula empire referrals

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For instance, let’s say you invite Aliceto join Mula Empire by sending her your referral link. When Alice clicks your link, registers, and activates her account with Kshs 550, you will earn Kshs 300. Alice is your level 1 downline.

When Alice refers someone else (let’s say Mark) using her unique link, she will earn Kshs 300, and you will also earn Kshs 150. So, for each person she refers to join Mula Empire, you will be earning Kshs 150 as she earns Kshs 300; this is your level two.

If Mark invites Sharon to join Mula Empire, he will earn Kshs 300. Since Alice referred Mark, she will earn Kshs 150, and since you referred Alice, you will earn Kshs 50; this is level 3 of your referrals.

NB: For you to earn any commissions from any of your referrals in either level, they must activate their Mula Empire accounts. Meaning they must pay the registration fee, which is Kshs 550. Otherwise, you will not earn any commission from someone who registers.

2. Mula Empire Blogging

mula empire blogging

If you are a good writer and would like to start earning by writing, you may try doing it in Mula Empire. You will be paid for writing articles based on the number of views your articles. However, your articles will not be automatically approved; this is a challenge you can only overcome by writing useful articles. Mula Empire blogging does not pay much compared to the amount you can earn having your blog. If you are lucky, you will make some cash, but it is not a must earn through blogging.

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Although Mula Empire blogging commissions are meager, you can try it out or start blogging with an independent blog/website.

3. Mula Empire Spinning

You might want to try your luck with Mula Empire spins. There are paid spins as well as free spin. The free spin is usually available to new Mula Empire users, while paid spins are available anytime you wish to spin the wheel.

One important thing you should know about Mula Empire spins is that they are just similar to gambling. Meaning you must be vigilant since gambling is a two-way street where you can either or lose. It is up to you to be responsible while spinning the Mula Empire paid spins. Stake what you can afford to lose and avoid being guided by greed to win more and end up losing more.

4.Mula Empire Trivia quizzes and surveys

You will be paid to answer questions as Mula Empire member. Trivia quizzes are on specific days, and you will have 6 ‘simple’ questions to answer. If you answer all of them correctly, you will be paid Kshs 50 instantly. Otherwise, you will not earn anything. Trivia earnings are not much, so they will only supplement your referral earnings. It will take a lot of time to make a significant income by answering trivia quizzes.

mula empire surveys

5. Other ways of earning

As I was surfing through social media sites, I have realized that Mula Empire users are saying that they are earning by watching YouTube videos for only 10 seconds. I am not sure how this works since it seems too good to be true. Perhaps someone who is already a member of the Mula Empire can explain in the comments section.

As much as Mula Empire will benefit some people, there are chances that other people will not earn anything. The primary way of earning is referring, which is difficult for a good number of people. If you have a good network of people interested in joining platforms like Mula Empire, you should join. Otherwise, you will have to think it over before you lose your investment.

How to join Mula Empire?

If you have Kshs 550 and you have understood how Mula Empire works, and you are interested in joining:

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Having said all that about Mula Empire and hoping you have read and understood the entire article to this point, I hope you will make an informed on whether you should join Mula Empire or not. I wish you all the best.

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Mula Empire Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Mula Empire legit or a scam?

Mula Empire is a legit platform for those who love networking. As for newbies, you should be aware of people who are spreading lies on how you can earn using Mula Empire to woe you into joining them so that they can commission through you.

How much can I make with Mula Empire?

Your earnings depend on the number of referrals you have and how active your referrals invite other people. Do not fall into the trap of being told that you can earn a fortune without referrals.

How and when can I withdraw my earnings?

The standard method of withdrawing your earnings is through Mpesa. You can withdraw them anytime you wish, provided you have reached the minimum payout.

How can I create Mula Empire account?

First of all, you must a nonrefundable registration fee, Kshs 550, and visit the site to create your account.

Apart from Mula Empire, how else can I earn online?

There are other great and maybe better ways to make extra income working, including writing, surveys, blogging, etc. You can read some of our articles that will guide you into the right online job for more information .

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