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Hello and Welcome to Apoven.net review!

Someone might have introduced you to Apoven and you decided to do thorough research. Good news is we have compiled all its features to help you understand whether it’s worth joining and activating your account.

Our reviews here at Online Jobs Reviews are meant to create awareness to help our readers make informed decision when it comes to make money online opportunities.

What is Apoven? Is Apoven legit? How does Apoven work? Is Apoven platform worth joining? These are just some of the questions we aim on answering in this Apoven review.

Apoven.net review: What is it?

Apoven, found online at Apoven.net, is yet another platform under the Get-paid-to category which states that they do pay their users for carrying out different tasks. Some of their earning features include the WhatsApp earning, YouTube videos, referral bonuses, PTC ads, crypto trading, etc.

According to Whois, Apoven.net domain was registered on November 9, 2021 meaning it’s still a young website, not even 6 months old. While age of a site is not always the main determiner of its legitimacy, you’ll probably trust a website that has been paying its users for years.

Let’s analyze how it works and other features such as withdrawals and registration! The aim is to understand if it’s worth joining!

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How it Works

According to Apoven website, you make money watching YouTube videos, posting WhatsApp status earnings, Instagram earnings, crypto trading, referral bonuses, PTC ADS;

Most of these earning methods that Apoven.net claims to be offering are discussed below;


It’s the backbone of the company, the main method through which apoven makes money. Forget about all the other methods, they’re all trying to entice you to join the company. In the long run, the only option of earning will be referrals.

Apoven has various referral plans to which you can subscribe to after signing up. The payout depends on the package as illustrated below;

how does apoven.net works referring

Basic Plan

The cost of this plan is Ksh 1,000 ($10). The referral bonus members will be earning is Kshs 850 ($8.5)

Gold Plan

Price of the plan is Ksh 2,000 ($20)

Commission per direct referral is Kes 1,700 ($17)

Platinum Plan

Cost of Apoven Platinum plan is Ksh 3,000 ($30)

The referral bonus is Kes 2,500 ($25)

Champion Plan

Subscription cost is Ksh 4,000.

Referral bonus is Kes 3,200 ($40)

Millionaire Plan

It’s the highest priced plan at Ksh 5,000 ($50)

The bonus per direct referral is Kes 4,000 ($40).

Crypto Trading

It’s not discussed in length on how it works but I would guess it’s something like Coinlist and if they decide to complicate things a little bit more, they may incorporate something like Chainmine. The bottom line is that the crypto trading isn’t well established and therefore you’ve high chances of losing money.


Remember publiclikes, that’s how PTC ads works. It was a scam and so Apoven may be one too. I wouldn’t trust a site with the same model.

WhatsApp Earnings

This is the key reason that Apoven has been trending. People want to earn by posting memes on their WhatsApp status. Taking advantage of that, Apoven came up with a way its users can make money by updating statuses

A good example of how WhatsApp statuses earnings is a scam is Betterdine Agencies which used the same strategy to con innocent Kenyans.

There is no proof that all the brands have partnered with Apoven for the sale of products. It is clear that there are no physical products that you’ll get after parting away with your money. Instead, you’re supposed to keep performing tasks daily to earn money.

Does YouTube Pay Through Mpesa?

How does it make money?

As you had suspected, it might be too good to be true. The main question you’ve should ask is where it gets the money to ensure that they have a realistic revenue model.

To trust any company, you have to understand how it makes money. It’s what the business model analyzes. A company like Fiverr make money through both transaction and service fees.

What is Apoven business model?

Apoven has no legit way of generating revenue. The ads and watching YouTube videos are just a gimmick when the main way they earn is from the money you use to subscribe.

They want you to buy the products to start earning. In reality, you’re their main source of income. The new users are able to keep the site working. When the frequency of new members joining the platform ceases, it’ll definitely collapse!

Who can Join Apoven.net?

Although there is no clear information on who is allowed to join the platform. Apoven popularity is majorly in Kenya. It’s typical, as pyramidal schemes have been allowed in the country for a while.

How and When to get paid?

Apoven.net claims to be paying the users via Mpesa. People can withdraw their earnings with just a click as long as they attain the withdrawal limit.

Some of the Mpesa details required are the First and last name, ID and the M-Pesa phone number.

We haven’t seen any Apoven payment proofs. Even if they’re available, it doesn’t mean the platform is legitimate.

In fact, Apoven.net rarely disburse the earnings from features such as WhatsApp, YouTube, PTC, etc.

Registration and Login

Joining Apoven is free, all that is required is your phone number, legal names, password and email.

You’ll have to visit the Apoven.net website to register. Alternatively, you can use an invite link from a current member.

Scam or Legit?

No, Apoven is a big scam! The supposed owners of the platform apply a revenue model that is common with previous online scams. The structure and design of the site isn’t new. People have lost money on similar sites like Apoven. Beware!

The unrealistic business model, unknown identity of owner, pyramidal structure, similarities with apps like E-ken platform are just some of the red flags you should beware of before joining.

The first question is always to ask is how the company is making money. If you understand and get satisfied then you can go ahead and join. No business will pay you more than it’s making, well at least not double!

Final Thoughts

We recommend you to stay way and refrain from investing your hard-earned money in Apoven.

I hope this Apoven review was helpful and you’ve an idea of what it’s all about from our explanation. You can research to get more information before making your decision.

Getting a legit online job that can earn you money online isn’t always easy considering the number of scammers out there. The good news is that you have mastered the art of always verifying whether an online job is safe or not. Better safe than sorry!