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What is E-ken? Is Eken legit? How does E-Ken work? Is Eken platform worth joining? Hello and welcome to Online Jobs Reviews. This article reviews the E-ken.me website to determine whether it’s legitimate or it is just a fraudulent platform to con people their money.

CostFree to join but must invest to earn
RefundsNo Money-Back Guarantee
Product TypeOrder grabbing/GPT/Pyramid Scheme
RatingWe Don’t Recommend it!

Eken review: What is it?

E-ken, found online at e-ken.me, is an order grabbing platform that offers daily tasks where the users can earn money online depending on the package they’ve purchased. It has various features which are supposed to help its users generate income online but the legitimacy should be in question.

According to Whois, e-ken.me domain was registered on November 5, 2021 meaning it’s still a young website, not even 2 months old. While age of a site is not always the main determiner of its legitimacy, you’ll probably trust a website that has been paying its users for years.

Being a replica of the famous Huluworks and Amazon web worker, I wouldn’t put much trust on it. But I could be wrong!

Let’s analyze how it works and other features such as withdrawals and registration! The aim is to understand if it’s worth joining!

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How it Works

E-Ken has different features which clearly describe how it works. One of them is the GPT feature where people make money by completing daily tasks. The other method is through the referral program with different commissions depending on what the referrals invest.

Speaking of investing, it’s worth noting, although it is free to join, you’ll have to deposit money to start earning. The free plan might earn you some cash but you probably won’t withdraw unless you deposit.

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According to E-ken website, you make money by buying products available on website virtually. They’ve a bunch of products with various tasks and daily income. Some of them include;

  • VIP1 labelled as eBay, which you have to pay Kes 500 to unlock.
  • VIP2 labelled as allegro, Kes 15,000 required to unlock.
  • VIP3 (AliExpress) which cost Kes 50,000 to unlock entry.
  • VIP4 (asos) whose price is Kes 300,000

There are other products also including the Amazon (VIP6) which also requires the users to subscribe in order they can start earning.

There is no proof that all the brands have partnered with Eken for the sale of products. It is clear that there are no physical products that you’ll get after parting away with your money. Instead, you’re supposed to keep performing tasks daily to earn money.

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E-ken Referral Program

E-ken has a referral program with multiple levels. It’s based on the commission earned by the agents invited.

For instance, if you invite someone to join E Ken directly, you’re assured to get 16% of the profit they earn. The next level is 8% followed by 4% in 3rd line.

It’s a requirement that even when joining, you should have an invitation code. That way, the person who invited is rewarded.

The pyramidal structure of the invitation is noticeable and common with many previous platforms. PB Power app which has similarities with Eken had a similar structure and in the end, Kenyans lost money.

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How does it make money?

As you had suspected, it might be too good to be true. The main question you’ve should ask is where it gets the money to ensure that they have a realistic revenue model.

To trust any company, you have to understand how it makes money. It’s what the business model analyzes. A company like Fiverr make money through both transaction and service fees.

What is E-ken revenue model?

E-ken has no legit way of generating revenue. The products being sold are virtual and the aim is to trap you into thinking that you’ll make money.

They want you to buy the products to start earning. In reality, you’re their main source of income. The new users are able to keep the site working. When the frequency of new members joining the platform ceases, it’ll definitely collapse!

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Who can Join E-ken.me?

Although there is no clear information on who is allowed to join the platform. E-Ken popularity is majorly in Kenya. It’s typical as many order grabbing apps have been allowed in the country for a while.

How and When to get paid?

ShareCash.work provides a mix of payment methods.

Mpesa is the withdrawal method available for all E-ken users.

Some of the Mpesa details required are the First and last name, ID and the M-Pesa phone number.

They’ve strict requirements such as completing 60 requests before withdrawing funds. The funds will take 2 working days.

We haven’t seen any E-ken payment proofs. Even if they’re available, it doesn’t mean the platform is legitimate.

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Joining ShareCash is free, all that is required is your phone number, invitation code and password.

You’ll have to visit the E Ken website to register. Alternatively, you can use an invite link from a current member.

Is E-ken Legit?

No, E-ken is a big scam! The supposed owners of the platform apply a revenue model that is common with previous online scams. The structure and design of the site isn’t new. People have lost money on similar sites like Eken. Beware!

The unrealistic business model, unknown identity of owner, pyramidal structure, similarities with apps like cash24h are just some of the red flags you should beware of before joining.

As we say, the first question you should ask is how the company is making money. If you understand and get satisfied then you can go ahead and join. No business will pay you more than it’s making, well at least not double!


We recommend you to stay way and refrain from investing your hard-earned money in E-ken.

I hope this Eken review was helpful and you’ve an idea of what it’s all about from our explanation. You can research to get more information before making your decision.

Getting a legit work from home job that can earn you money online isn’t always easy considering the number of scammers out there. The good news is that you have mastered the art of always verifying whether an online job is safe or not. Better safe than sorry!