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GPT sites that pay for referrals are increasing daily. Share Cash is one of these platforms. Due to high rise in the number of pyramidal schemes, verifying the legitimacy of the company before registering is always recommend. That’s what Online Jobs Reviews is all about!

This review helps you understand what is, how it works, how you can earn as a user, if it’s worth joining by analyzing its legitimacy and more.

ShareCash review: What is it?

ShareCash, found online at, claims to be a platform where people can earn by using their social media platforms. Basically, they pay the users for inviting new members to the site.

The owner of the site is unknown and so is the management. According to Whois, domain was registered on November 25, 2021. It’s not even a month old hence its legitimacy may cannot be verified.

Similar sites like Sharecash have been around and unfortunately, they always end up collapsing. Some good examples are Glorycard and Goldearn Ventures.

But could Share Cash be different? Below we have analyzed some of the vital features you need to know before joining!

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How it Works

ShareCash works like other referral programs out there. You join, get a unique referral link, share it with your friends and social media or blog followers and earn. Afterwards, you can withdraw your money.

ShareCash Referral Program

It is the only way people can earn money on the platform. For every click on the referral link, you earn $1.

Yes. They pay per click, not sign-up.

You’ll get a referral link as soon as you register. Then you can share it with your friends. To get them to click, you’ll be forced to tell that it’s a

This should be one of the red flags.

For instance, if you share your link in a Facebook group with 20,000+ members, you’re likely to get at least 100 clicks. This is supposed to earn you about $100 according to Share Cash suggests. Considering the high number of people joining the platform, it will be difficult for to honor the payouts.

In general, even though it’s free to join, you still have a to lose. A good example, is when you sign up using your email address there’s no assurance of privacy.

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How does it make money?

As you had suspected, it might be too good to be true. The main question you’ve should ask is where it gets the money to ensure that they have a realistic revenue model.

ShareCash Business model seems to be Pop-up ad based. They make money through the ad-monetization model. If you visit the website, you’ll probably get redirected to other sites. Through these clicks, Sharecash generates the revenue

The income generated per click isn’t that high to ensure that users earn $1 per click. Actually, the CPC depends on various factors such as type of traffic, location, etc.

It’s therefore clear that ShareCash cannot afford to pay its members using the ad income. They just want you to refer as many people as possible so they can earn while you toil. High chances are you’ll never get paid.

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Who can Join

ShareCash is open to all members worldwide with constant rates per click. It doesn’t matter if you’re from United States, Canada, Australia, Kenya, South Africa, UK, or India; everyone can join

How and When to get paid? provides a mix of payment methods.

They include Bitcoin, CashApp, Venmo and PayPal. There are other payout methods which can only be selected on the basis of your country.

We haven’t found any withdrawal proof to verify that Share Cash indeed pays. Perhaps the reason is because it’s new site. On the hand, we might be right on it being not legitimate and just wasting your time.

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Registration and Login

Joining ShareCash is free, all that is required is your email, nickname and password.

You’ll have to visit the website to register. Alternatively, you can use an invite link from a current member.

Upon completing registration, you can access your unique link which you can share with your social network with an aim of making money.

I am almost certain that you won’t withdraw, but if you’re tempted to try it out, who am I to say No?

Scam or Legitimate

The unrealistic revenue generating model, unknown identity of owner, and lack of payment proof are just some of the red flags you need to be aware before joining the platform.

It’s because of these red flags that we conclude that is not legitimate. It’s a scam with mouthwatering deals as bait to attract more members into their platform.

It’s common characteristics with past ponzi schemes makes it not worth your time. As we say, the first question you should ask is how the company is making money. If you understand and get satisfied then you can go ahead and join. No business will pay you more than it’s making, well at least not double!

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Final Thoughts

Overall, I would say ShareCash isn’t a good site to join. If you must be part of it, then it’s advisable you seek for realtime payment proofs to avoid regretting later.

Getting a legit work from home job that can earn you money online isn’t always easy considering the number of scammers out there.

The good news is that you’re have mastered the art of always verifying whether an online job is legitimate or not. It’s recommended you read as many reviews as possible. Better safe than sorry!