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Launched in early July 2021, Glory Card is yet online platform that claims to be a GPT site where users can make money online by completing different tasks. The tasks vary with the Star Card a member is subscribed to, and so is the daily income.

Remember Huluworks and amazon web worker, Glory Card is a replica. It’s primarily available in Kenya as a new way to do tasks and earn money from home. Here at Online Jobs Reviews, we will help you understand GloryCard by answering some of the questions below

Is Glory Card a scam? How does it work? Can I withdraw from Glory Card? These and many other questions you might have are what we’ll be trying to answer in this post.

Please note, I am not a member or an affiliate of Glory Card. This review is based on research and information available online in the public domain.
Any recommendations and conclusions are only opinions and may not apply to all persons or situations.

Product NameGlory Card
CostFree to join but must pay to earn
RefundsNo Money-Back Guarantee
Product TypePyramid Scheme/order grabbing/GPT
RatingWe Don’t Recommend it!

How Glory Card work

Anyone who wants to join Glory Card must first complete the registration. To register, you can use a referral link from an already existing member or visit the Glory Card website.

You’ll then be required to enter your phone number and password. They usually send a confirmation message to prove that it’s your number.

Having registered, you can now log into your Glory Card account and find your free Glory Card.

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Glory Card Packages

Glory Card has various packages to which one can subscribe and complete tasks to earn money. By default, as a newly registered Glory Card user, you’re in the free package. The packages are set in such a way you can only complete more tasks with high-priced packages. Let’s take a look at each Glory Card package and its features.

Glory Free Card

You’ll have access to 5 order tasks daily earning Kshs 10 in the free Card package. The minimum balance needed for you to participate in the daily task is zero. Since the minimum withdrawal in this package is Ksh 200, it would take you 20 days before making a payout request. Even after this, you must have purchased at least one card to withdraw meaning you’ll bound to depositing money to earn with GloryCard.

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Glory One Star Card

This package requires you to pay Kes 600 before you before you start doing the tasks. The card is valid for 3 days only. The daily income expected from after completing the 5 tasks is Ksh 360. This translates to a total of Kes 1,080 before the card expires. In total, the profit is Ksh 480.

Glory Two Star Card

The subscription fee in the 2 Star Card package is Ksh 2,000 and the with 7 days validate, after which you’ve to recharge. This package allows you to complete 5 tasks daily with a total daily income of Ksh 542.80.

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Glory Three Star Card

To activate this package, you must pay Kes 5,000 as a subscription which will last for 30 days. You’ll earn Kshs 386 by completing five tasks daily. At the end, the total earnings are expected to be Ksh 11,580. If you less the purchase price, the profit is Ksh 6,580.

Glory Four Star Card

This Glory Card package costs Ksh 10,000 lasting for 30 days before recharging the account. The daily income is Kes 795, meaning the profit earned considering the investment is Ksh 13,850.

Glory Five Star Card

There are 5 daily tasks available for GloryCard members subscribed to this package. The daily earning after doing the tasks is Ksh 2,522.70. Before you access the tasks, you must activate the package with Ksh 30,000. The validate is same as the other packages.

There are other plans which GloryCard users can subscribe which we have highlighted in the table below. The validity is 30 days!

PriceTasksDaily Income (Kes)
6 Star Card50,00054,431.8
7 Star Card70,00056,364
8 Star Card100,00059,318
9 Star Card150,000514,318
10 Star Card200,000519,545
11 Star Card250,000525,000


As stated earlier, the minimum withdrawal is Kshs 200. Although they might have paid some of their users, it shouldn’t be an assurance that the company is legit. It’s a norm of Ponzi Schemes to pay some users at the beginning and the scam them later. A good example is Kestree App

glorycard withdraw

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Is it a scam or legit?

Based on the information above, Glory Card is a scam with mouthwatering deals to entice many people to join them. It is a get-rich-quick scheme aimed at scamming innocent people who’re desperate to earn money online.

Red Flags

Here are some of the reasons we believe Glory Card is a scam;

Glory Card owner is unknown. It is usual for most scammers not to reveal their identity to avoid being traced if something goes wrong.

Glory Card has no other method of generating income apart from the members’ subscription fees paid. It will, therefore, exist when more people are joining. Otherwise, its collapse is inevitable.

The referral program of Glory Card, where current members get a commission when bringing new members, proves they’re a pyramidal scheme. More people in the platform leverage their earnings, and they can use the amount from new members to pay the existing members.

It offers a high return on investment rates. For instance, the Glory Seven Star Card package, which costs KES 70,000, will earn you Ksh KES 6,364, equal to Ksh 190,920 for 30 days. Your investment will have grown more than twice the principal amount which is impossible in any business world. We can’t rule out that there may be cases where such interest is experienced, perhaps in the future. However, Glory Card promises such high constant interest rates, which aren’t practical.

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Conclusion of Glory Card review

Joining the Glory Card is optional; they have created a site that has captured the attention of many youths in various countries. You can’t deny that people are earning with Glory Card; you will find various withdrawal proofs to show that it’s legit. It is common in almost all scam sites. They pay some members to entice more new people to join.

Our advice is you avoid investing in Glory Card. If it is a must you invest with them, invest what you can to lose.

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