RyzEx.net Unbiased review- Is it Legit or not

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Investment companies are many out here in the internet. Finding a legitimate one is difficult which is the reason reviews are always important to help you make a decision.

That’s why we have decided to write a review of RyzEx to help our readers understand if it’s a golden opportunity or just another waste of time.

This review helps you understand what is Ryzex.net, how it works, how you can earn as a user, if it’s legitimate or scam by analyzing or the features available.

Please note, I am not a member or an affiliate of RyzEx. This review is based on research and information available online in the public domain.
Any recommendations and conclusions are only opinions and may not apply to all persons or situations.

RyzEx review: What is it?

RyzEx, found online at RyzEx.com, is a company that generally specializes in crypto mining. It claims to be using the latest blockchain algorithms to ensure people can mine cryptocurrencies in the shortest possible period.

They accept various cryptocurrencies including DOGE, Tron, BNB and more. There’s no limit to the coins you can mine, all of them can be mined together.

The ryzex.net domain was registered on October 10, 2021 according to Whois.com. It’s therefore a brand-new website and you wouldn’t expect much data on its legitimacy.

But could RyzEx be different? Below we have analyzed some of the vital features you need to know before joining!b

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How it Works

RyzEx as a business majorly is for people interested in investments, particularly cryptocurrency mining. It goes further into incorporating an affiliate program for influencers who would like to promote the company to their followers or users who might want to invite their friends.

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Ways of Earning

Ryzex has two methods of earning, that’s investment and the referral program as described below;

Investment Plans

With RyzEx, you can invest money and earn daily interest which varies with plans where higher ones give more daily returns.

They’ve 6 plans that you can opt in depending on your willing to invest. All the basic details about each plan are discussed below.

ryzex.net investment plans
Source: ryzex.net

Free Plan

It’s available to all RyzeEx.net members. It doesn’t cost anything to subscribe. The daily returns rate is 2% which lasts for 180 days. There’s a 160 GH/s bonus.

Standard Plan

The price is $1 or 40 GH/s and the investment period is also 180 days. The daily ROI 2.5% of the principal amount. A 160 GH/s bonus is available for this plan.

Advanced Plan

It’s an investment plan with 3% returns per day. The price is 1000 GH/s or $25 which last for 180 days. A bonus similar to the other plans is also given.

Premium Plan

It has 4% return on investment for the same maturity period with other packages. The principal amount is $250 or 10,000 GH/s.

Ultimate Plan

Ultimate investment plan is priced at $750 or 3000 GH/s with a 4.5% return daily. There’s $4 or 160 GH/s given in this plan. It also lasts for 180 days.

Investor Plan

It’s the highest plan one can invest with on RyzEx.net. The interest rate is 5% daily for a period of 180 days.

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RyzEx Affiliate Program

The affiliate program is well sectioned into two levels (lines). You can earn from both direct and indirect referrals.

For direct downlines invited by you, there’s a 1 GH/s guaranteed as soon as they complete the registration process. If they go ahead and make a deposit, you’ll get extra 3 GH/s plus 12% of their investment. This happens regularly as they make more investments.

When your direct referrals invite other people, you’ll also benefit with the 2% of the deposits made.

The platform has provided various resources to help you during promotion. There’s a unique affiliate link found on your account as well as banners that you can place on personal blog or social media sites.

You can still withdraw the affiliate earnings even without investing any amount on RyzEx.net. However, to do so you’ll need about 60 days to accumulate a minimum amount for payout of funds.

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Who can Join Ryzex.net?

RyzEx is open to all members worldwide provided you have a wallet with any of the coins offered. Cryptocurrency is available to almost everyone so there’s no limit to who can join. Since it involves investments, people of legal age are the only ones allowed.

How and When to get paid?

Ryzex.net provides a mix of payment methods.

In general, you can withdraw to any wallet preferably the one you use to deposit. The payment is in cryptocurrency where you can use Binance, Tron or Doge wallets.

The minimum withdrawal varies with the coin you prefer with

  • Tron – 48 TRX
  • Litecoin- 0.0257 LTC
  • Binance coin- 0.0103 BNB

According to the ryzex.net description, the withdrawn funds are disbursed immediately after the request. The only way of verifying this is from a current member.

Registration and Login

Joining RyzEx is free, all that is required is a valid email address and password.

You’ll have to visit the website to register. Alternatively, you can use an invite link from a current member.

After successfully registering you can then decide to invest or participate through the affiliate program. All the resources, that’s the link and banners can be found in your account after login.

It’s always recommended you test a product or service before promoting.

Is RyzEx Legit?

Ryzex offers ROI between 2% and 5% daily lasting for 180 days. This means after the investment period you expect between 360% and 900% profit on your principal amount. If you read the definition of HYIP as described by Investopedia you’ll understand that Ryzex.net might be one.

We can therefore say that Ryzex is a scam with attractive deals that are aimed to tempt you invest on the platform. The cryptocurrency mining as a whole cannot guarantee such high returns considering it requires high energy.

The business model is also unclear, high chances are their main income stream is from the members investments. When the rate of deposits being made decreases, the company might cease to exist.

Not forgetting that the owner or the person behind Ryzex.net is unknown. Would you trust such a website with your $750?

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Final Thoughts

Overall, I would say RyzEx isn’t a good site to join. They might pay some of their members and later collapse with the rest of investment. The payment proofs, if there are any, will try strengthening their credibility but trusting them without further research may make you lose your hard-earned money.

Getting a legit work from home job that can earn you money online isn’t always easy considering the number of scammers out there.

The good news is that you’re have mastered the art of always verifying whether an online job is legitimate or not. It’s recommended you read as many reviews as possible. Better safe than sorry!

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