Is Zebra-Mining Legit or Scam? Review

Is legit? What is it? How does Zebra-mining work? Is it worth joining? Hello and welcome to Online Jobs Reviews. This article reviews the website to determine whether it’s paying or just a Ponzi scheme.

Let’s dive and analyze all the features of this trending platform.

Zebra Mining review: What is it?

Zebra-mining, found online at, is an order grabbing platform where you earn by completing daily tasks in different packages. It’s primarily available in Kenya with close features to sites like Huluworks or E-ken.

According to Whois, the domain was registered on September 19, 2022. It’s therefore a new platform less than 2 months old as of the day we’re writing this Zebra-mining review.

How it Works has no joining fee, although after registration you will probably have to invest before you start making money.

It has different packages that members can subscribe to and access different amounts of tasks. The higher the package the more tasks you get which translate to the daily returns.

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Ways of Earning

The platform has two main ways of earning!

There’s the GPT model where you get paid to complete daily tasks as well as the referral program which is aimed at rewarding users who invite new people to join Zebra-mining.

Completing Daily Tasks

Members can complete daily tasks and make money by purchasing different VIP plans. There are more than 5 packages with different prices and returns. It’s the returns on investment that will capture your attention since it’s relatively high compared to normal businesses.

Below are the description of some of the packages according to;

Zebra-mining daily tasks earnings

Free VIP Plan

  • Deposit- Kshs 0.00
  • Rental price: Kes 0.00
  • Daily profit: Ksh 18

VIP1 Plan

  • Deposit- KES 1,000
  • Rental price- Kshs 600
  • Daily income Kshs 55

VIP2 Plan

  • Deposit- Ksh 3,400
  • Rental price- Kshs 1600
  • Daily earnings- Ksh 185

VIP3 Plan

  • Deposit- Kshs 10,000
  • Rental price- Kes 8000
  • Daily returns- KES 720

VIP4 Plan

  • Deposit- Ksh 46,000
  • Rental price- Kes 22000
  • Daily profit- Kshs 2,950

VIP5 Plan

  • Deposit- KES 95,000
  • Rental price: Kshs 45,000
  • Daily Income: Kes 6,640

Referral Program

Zebra-mining app referral program

The referral program ensures that users get commissions for promoting Zebra-mining. You’re given a referral link or code which can be shared on social media or with friends.

It’s divided into two;

One of the referral programs involves commissions earned for the first investment made by the downlines. You earn a bonus based on the amount deposited.

For instance, if you’re a VIP1 member and you recommend someone as a VIP1, you’ll receive 12% of his subscription fee which is Kshs 240. The income is also available in line 2 and 3 of your downlines. The image below shows the distribution of the commission.

The second referral program is majored in the daily income your downlines make by completing tasks.

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Business Model: How it makes money

From past platforms similar to Zebra Mining, it’s clear that their revenue model is based on what the members invest. They’ve no other reliable sources of income that can guarantee such high returns daily. 

It therefore makes money as long as people are investing. The deposits must always be higher than the withdrawals. Sustaining this kind of business model isn’t possible because with time as the number of users increases the rate of payout requests will spike leading to the collapse of the company. 

Who can join?

The website is designed for Kenyans which is the same for other apps like Amazon Web worker. Anyone can join as long as they have a smartphone or a computer as well as a phone.

Various limitations including the fact that you can only make significant income by investing limit a lot of people. There’s no guarantee that you’ll withdraw before it scam people thus it’s suitable for high-risk takers.

How and when to withdraw?

You can withdraw your Zebra Mining earnings anytime you want provided you have reached the minimum payout amount.

As soon as you attain the minimum withdrawal, you can easily request for withdrawal.

Mpesa is the main method of cashing out and there are transaction costs per withdrawal request made.

We haven’t seen any payment proofs from the site so we can’t verify it’s paying.

Zebra Mining Registration and Login

Although we don’t recommend it, if you’re interested in joining the platform you can either visit their website and click Register or use a referral link from a current user.

You’ll be directed to a registration page where you should enter your phone number and password.

You can then login and explore all the features of the platform.

Who is behind the website? owner’s identity is unknown. It’s typical for most pyramidal schemes to hide the identity of the people behind their companies. I wouldn’t trust such a site considering other ponzi schemes like

Is it Legit? is not a legitimate platform that you can depend on as a way of making money online. From past experiences on similar platforms, it will end up scamming people due to their extraordinary high ROI which cannot be sustained for long.

The unsustainable revenue model, the pyramidal-like structure, and the hidden identity of the owner, are just some of the red flags you should be aware of when making decisions whether Zebra Mining is worth joining.

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Final Thoughts

We don’t recommend Zebra-mining to our users. If you just visit the website there are a lot of features that will make you decline joining the platform.

One of them being the membership list being shown being constant with people who’re definitely not Kenyans.