Is Kkbt.In a Scam or legit? (South Africa)

Are you wondering if you should join online platform? If yes, then you’re in the right place.

In this post, I will help you understand if kkbt is a scam or legitimate, how it works, if you’ll get paid and if interested, how you can join.

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What is Kkbt?

Kkbt, found online at, is a South African online platform that claims to be aiding its users with making money online.

The website has gained a number of active members who are promoting it daily on the social media sites.

With is 30 rands registration bonus, it has attracted many people but as you know, nothing comes easy and therefore we decided to have a look at all its features to understand if it’s worth joining or not.

How works

You don’t have to pay anything to join It’s absolutely free to register and open to everyone based in South Africa. They’ve ensured that other countries can’t join by using phone number as the key identifier of who is joining.

The website has similar features with other South Africa platforms such as which is a virtual equipment investment platform.

As stated earlier, everyone receives a free bonus amount as soon as they join Kkbt in. Think of it as a token to help you get started on the website.

Kkbt Ways of Earning

Kkbt has two main ways of earning, mining and referring other people to join the website:

Completing tasks (Mining)

Doing tasks is the backbone of platform. It is referred to as mining since you invest a certain amount and then give it time to earn interest.

There are different packages to which you can subscribe. What varies is the price of the package as well as the daily returns. As you might have noticed if you have joined, the costly the package the higher the returns.

You have to also recharge your account where the amount to recharge depends on the package you’re subscribed. It’s kind of similar to e-ken where people also earn by doing tasks.

Apart from the vip packages where you’ve to pay to start doing the tasks, kkbt also has a free package. The difference is that the free package will take time to earn you significant amount.

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Referral program

As a way of getting the platform to the people, has a referral program where you can invite friends to join and a bonus.

It is worth noting that the earnings depend on whether the downlines invest and also the package they purchase. Free referrals will only earn you 3 rands.

To get started with the referring, all you got to do is login and on the home tab, click invite friends where you’ll find unique invitation link and code.

It might sound to good, but there’s always the negative side when people join and the company collapses. The business model of kkbt depends on people joining the website which means when the number decreases it won’t sustain itself meaning losses to the members.

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How to register with

Although we don’t recommend kkbt to anyone who wants a legitimate work from home job, this guide on how to join the earning platform may be helpful to anyone who’s willing to take a business risk.

So, if you’re interested in creating account with Kkbt, follow the steps below;

  • Visit website or use an invitation from someone who has already joined the platform.
  • On the mid-bottom of the homepage, click the ‘Create account‘ button
  • You’ll be redirected to another page where you should input your details including phone number, password and invitation code from a person who has already signed up.
  • Once you’re done, create the account by clicking the button below the registration form. You may be required to verify that you own the phone number.
  • You can then go ahead and login to your Kkbt account.

How to Login?

is a scam or legit | how to login

This is necessary whenever you need to access your account. Below is how you can log into your Kkbt account.

  • Head over to Kkbt website where you’ll ve automatically be redirected to the login page
  • On the page, enter your mobile number and password you used when creating account
  • Then click the ‘Login‘ button

How to contact Kkbt?

If you’re a member of Kkbt and you’ve a question, issue or just want any other sort of help, you can always reach out to them via WhatsApp or telegram.

As you may note, they mostly use the telegram group to respond to most questions.

I wouldn’t vouch for customer service and that’s why I recommend you try contacting them before joining the platform.

How to withdraw from Kkbt platfotm

The withdraw process is similar to that of Kestree app where there is a minimum payout, handling fees etc.

To withdraw from, do the following

  • Log into your account dashboard where you’ll be directed to the ‘Home‘ tab
  • Click ‘withdraw‘ button on top
  • You’ll be prompted to enter the amount you wish to withdraw as well the transaction password
  • Wait for the funds to be disbursed into your account.

Is a Scam or legit? has quite a number of red flags which all led to a conclusion that is a scam. Even though it may be paying some of its members currently, that doesn’t mean that Kkbt is legit.

Some of the red flags that you should note and perhaps avoid investing with Kkbt include;

They’ve provided no legal documents that would prove it’s regulated by the government.

The identity of the owner is unknown.

The platform is still new since according to Whois, domain was registered in January 12, 2022.

It has similar features iwth past ponzi schemes such as PB Power app as well as Amazon web worker.

Has major traits with most HYIPs which promise high Return on investment within a short period.

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