Is CG ( Legit? A Must Read Review

Hello and welcome to my review.

In this post, we are going analyze how works, whether is a scam or legit and many other features including the CG trading.

What is or simply CG is a new crypto trading platform emphasizing on USDT trades. It has been recently trending in various countries including Ghana, South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria and many more.

You can easily trade USDT with other crypto coins suchs Ethereum, XRP, bitcoin, LTC, ADA, DASH, etc. All the trends of each of the coins can be seen in home tab.

According to, domain name was registered in January 1, 2022. Thus it’s still a new trading platform which you cannot trust considering there aren’t much information about its legitimacy.

The owner of is hidden and even after thorough research I couldn’t find his identity. It is hard to trust platforms where the people behind are unknown.

How does it work

Joining is entirely free, you don’t have to pay registration fee as is the case with most platforms such as Lipapal.

The backbone of CG is the trading feature which has attracted a number of people. It’s similar to PB Power app the difference being what is being traded. While PB Power was trading virtual products, CGorg net is trading crypto coins USDT being the main one.

CGorg Ways of Earning

In general, has two main ways of earning namely; referring and online crypto trading. Below is an analysis of each of these methods.

Crypto Trading

Without the trading, even the other mode of earning would be insignficant. This is because it’s the way makes money. So, if people won’t trade, then there won’t be flow of funds making the platform to collapse.

Contrary to the normal buy and sell shares at platforms such as AIB, trading is more like forex.

It’s simulation trading with all indicators. The trading option is available in the ‘Trade‘ tab after logging into your CG account.

You’ll see an option where you can select your paired trading. For example BTC which means the paired trading will be BTC/USDT.

You can then see the positions, last purchase and sell, settlement result (Rise or Fall) etc.

The trading won’t guarantee returns as you can lose or gain depending on the settlement result. crypto trading

Therefore, CGorg trades are risky which requires a background knowledge of trading.

You’ve to constantly recharge your account so that you can continue trading. It’s at this point you’ll realize that even though is free to register, you cannot earn money without investing.

The investment is High-risk as chances of scamming the members are high. Recalling tbestation which had the same model as CG, I wouldn’t trust it to a point where I invest what I can’t afford to lose.

Invite and Earn has referring program where current users can invite their friends or social media followers and earn.

The earning only happens when the referrals carry out a transaction either when withdrawing, trading or depositing. The earnings for level 1, 2, and 3 are 1%, 0.5% and 0.3% respectively.

It is because of this reason that I had indicated you cannot earn until you make a deposit. This doesn’t appeal to many people since referral program aren’t supposed to work that way.

You can find a unique inviation link after logging into CGorg net. The list of the people you have invited is available under ‘My team’ section.

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How to register with

It is worth noting that we don’t recommend CG to any of our readers as it has so many red flags. However, if you still feel the need to try it out, you can follow the procedure below to join;

  • Visit website or use an invitation link from a friend
  • Click the My tab at the bottom and then click the ‘Register‘ button
  • On the next page, fill in your country code (for instance, +27 if South Africa), mobile number and then click Send SMScode.
  • Enter the code sent and then click next step.
  • Setup your password and all the other details on the next step and then your CGorg account will be created.

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How to Log into your account

To log into your CGorg net account after registering;

  • Head over to website
  • Click the Login under ‘My’ tab on the bottom-right section
  • Enter your phone number and password.
  • After you’re done, click ‘Login‘ button and you’ll have successfully logged in.

How to contact CG

If you have a complaint, comment or anyother issue with CGorg, you can contact their customer care by clicking ‘Chat with‘ button on the top-right section of your account.

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How to withdraw from CGorg

To withdraw your earnings from into binance wallet, you must first ensure that the minimum payout is reached. Then you can follow the steps described in the video below to successfully withdraw your USDT assets;

Is Legit?

The simple answer is No. is not a legitimate trading platform. Even though it may be paying for in the beginning, the likelyhood of it scamming people who join later is very high which can be attributed to similar past platforms.

Among the reasons as to why we believe CGorg is a scam include, it has similar features with past ponzi schemes such as Tbestation, hidden identity of the owner, there are no legal documents showing that it’s regulated, a revenue model that depend on more people joining, etc.

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