Mebox Token Airdrop | Honest review

What is Mebox Token? How to get free mebox tokens? Is Mebox airdrop legit? Hello and welcome to my blog! These are some of the questions that we aim in answeing in this review.

What is Mebox?

A decentralized financial payment network, Mebox, found online at, recreates traditional payment methods using the blockchain, a popular crypto platform.

How to get Free Tokens on Mebox Airdrop Bot?

If you’re interested in this airdrop, you can easily get the free tokens by following the steps below:

Click here to access the mebox airdrops on telegram

You’ll be prompted to Start Bot where you should click.

Join the telegram group as well as the telegram channel.

You can also join the sponsor channel

Open your twitter account and follow Mebox then like, comment and retweet the pinned tweet.

Submit your retweet link and then BEP-20 address from Trust Wallet app.

You’ll receive 30,000 Mebox token.


Mebox Airdrop referral program

You can earn more tokens by referring other people to the airdrop.

For every person you invite and he or she completes all the steps required, you’ll earn 10,000 mebox tokens. They don’t have to pay anything for you to earn.

Is legit?

Mebox Token Price

For now, mebox token airdrop is currently valued at $150 on

The current token pre-sale price is;

Listing Price:16000MEBOX per BNB

1 MEBOX ≈ $0.023306

Pre-Sale Price:1200000MEBOX per BNB

1 MEBOX ≈ $0.000311

You can see the live update here

Mebox token contract address

The mebox contact address is listed below;

  • 0x51899235c96b9af223b46aa85566e8411890e727

Is Mebox Token Airdrop Legit?

Since it’s still new in the market, it’s hard to tell if Mebox token airdrop is a scam or legitimate. But based on previous airdrops, there’s no assurance that it’s real. All we can do is speculate and hope that it will nt waste anyone’s time.

With time this review will be updated to give the clear as to whether mebox airdrop is real or fake!

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What is a token airdrop?

A token airdrop is when a company distributes free tokens to the holders of its cryptocurrency. The tokens are usually given to commemorate a specific event or to reward users for holding the currency. Airdrops are often used to introduce new users to a cryptocurrency and can be a great way to increase demand for a new coin or token. Token Airdrops are a relatively new phenomenon. But they have become more and more common in recent years as the value of cryptocurrencies has risen.

How to participate in a token airdrop?

To participate in a token airdrop, you first need to create a wallet that supports the project’s tokens. Then, sign up for the airdrop and follow the instructions. usually, you’ll need to complete a social media task or refer your friends.

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Mebox BNB miners

With Mebox you can hire BNB miners and make profit both from referrals and the mined coins.

BNB Mining explained

By investing in BNB Miner, investors are assured that their investment has unlimited growth potential and a maximum, improbable risk of less than 3%.

In accordance with the current mining efficiency rate, BNB Miner pays 3% daily. As you hire miners and compound earnings, the mining efficiency rate rises and falls.

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A player’s goal in the game is to hire more miners, sooner and more frequently than other players. Consequently, you earn more BNB faster. Employing more miners with your daily BNB earnings will triple your miners within 30 days.

If anyone uses your referral link to hire miners, you will receive a 10% referral fee. Please connect your wallet to view your referral link.

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Invite people to Get 10% BNB + 100% MEBOX.

Follow the procedure below;

  • Visit and generate your referral link.
  • Click the button below to copy the link, share your referral link, and the proceeds will be automatically sent to your wallet balance.

Only Binance Smart Chain is supported. Please do not transfer your digital assets to addresses other than Binance Smart Chain to avoid loss.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, mebox token if legit, can be beneficial considering it has major features including, an NFT marketplace, BNB Miner, Games and leaderboards.

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