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What is Tr-Quiz? Is legit? How does Tr-Quiz work? Is platform worth joining? Hello and welcome to Online Jobs Reviews . This article reviews the website to determine whether it’s legitimate or it is just a fraudulent platform to con people their money.

There has been a buzz about, and I decided to look and try to understand the reason for the hype.

High chances are someone introduced you to Tr-quiz xyz online opportunity, and now you’ve landed here to understand whether it’s a legitimate site.

The good news is I will walk you through what it is, how works & if it’s a scam or paying site, and more.

Just pay close attention and read this Tr-quiz review to the end.

Tr-Quiz review: What is it?

Tr-Quiz, found online at, is a platform that would pay you for completing quizzes. Members can also earn by clicking ads as they answer the quizzes.

According to Whois, domain was registered on December 11, 2021 meaning it’s still a young website, not even 4 months old. While age of a site is not always the main determiner of its legitimacy, it’s normal to trust a website that has been paying its users for years.

Being a replica of the famous Videowallet or, I wouldn’t put much trust on it. But I could be wrong!

Let’s analyze how it works and other features such as withdrawals and registration! The aim is to understand if it’s worth joining!

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How it Works

Tr-Quiz has different features which clearly describe how it works. One of them is the GPT feature where people make money by answering simple quizzes. The other method is through the referral program which helps the website get attract many people to join.

Users can earn by clicking ads while playing the quiz game. They claim to have advertisers from large organizations and hence they can afford the high payouts.

There is no proof that all the brands have partnered with Tr-Quiz for the advertisement of products. It is clear that there are no physical products that you’ll get after parting away with your money. Instead, you’re supposed to keep performing tasks daily to earn money. Referral Program has a referral program where you can earn money at level 1 referrals.

Meaning you’ll earn 40% of what your referrals make. For instance, if you refer 4 friends and they earn $250 in total, your share will be $100.

The possibility of withdrawing the earnings is minimal making it less trustworthy.

The people referred won’t have to pay anything before you earn the referral bonus.

It’s a requirement that even when joining, you should have an invitation code or referral link. That way, the person who invited is rewarded.

The pyramidal structure of the invitation is noticeable and common with many previous platforms. Hela Empire which has similarities with had a similar structure and in the end, Kenyans lost money.

How does it make money?

As you had suspected, it might be too good to be true. The main question you’ve should ask is where it gets the money to ensure that they have a realistic revenue model.

To trust any company, you have to understand how it makes money. It’s what the business model analyzes. A company like Upwork make money through both transaction and service fees.

What is business model?

Tr-Quiz has no legit way of generating revenue. The products being advertised aren’t real and the aim is to trap you into thinking that you’ll make money. So are the quizzes aimed to attract as many new members as possible.

They want you to waste your precious time viewing the ads and end up earning nothing. In reality, you’re their main source of income. As you click the ads and answer the quizzes, they’re monetizing your data.

Who can Join

Although there is no clear information on who is allowed to join the platform. Tr-Quiz popularity is majorly in Kenya, Madagascar and Nigeria. It’s common for many fake Get-paid-to sites to flourish in most African countries.

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How and When to get paid? provides a mix of payment methods.

PayPal is the withdrawal method available for all Tr-Quiz xyz users.

PayPal details required are the your email address and perhaps the name.

Payments are rarely paid out which means it can be a waste of time.

We haven’t seen any Tr-Quiz xyz payment proofs. Even if they’re available, it doesn’t mean the platform is legitimate.

Registration and Login

Joining Tr-Quiz is free, all that is required is your phone number, invitation code and password.

You’ll have to visit the Tr-Quiz website to register. Alternatively, you can use an invite link from a current member.

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Scam or Legitimate

No, Tr-Quiz is a big scam! The supposed owners of the platform apply a revenue model that is common with previous online scams. The structure and design of the site isn’t new. People have lost money on similar sites like Tr-Quiz. Beware!

The unrealistic business model, unknown identity of owner, pyramidal structure, similarities with apps like are just some of the red flags you should beware of before joining.

As we say, the first question you should ask is how the company is making money. If you understand and get satisfied then you can go ahead and join. No business will pay you more than it’s making, well at least not double!

Final Thoughts

We recommend you to stay way and refrain from investing your hard-earned money in Tr-Quiz.

I hope this Tr-Quiz xyz review was helpful and you’ve an idea of what it’s all about from our explanation. You can research to get more information before making your decision. Getting a legit online job that can earn you money online isn’t always easy considering the number of scammers out there. The good news is that you have mastered the art of always verifying whether an online job is safe or not. Better safe than sorry!

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