Sheer Technologies review: Is it legit or a scam

Sheer Technologies is an online referral program launched on 22nd March 2021. According to the sheer Technologies website, they have different ways of earning for their members. Some of them include surveys, blogging, referrals, etc.

When I saw Sheer Technologies’ summary of how it works, I was excited. Who wouldn’t? But is it worth joining? Will your earnings reflect the hype, or is it just another scamming site?

This review is worth a read will help you answer some questions you might be having about Sheer Technologies1.

How does Sheer Technologies work?

Sheer Technologies requires all its members to have an active account for them to start earning. To activate your account, you will first have to register under someone and then pay Kes 500 activation fee. The activation is only paid once without any renewals.

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Sheer Technologies is also available in other countries apart from Kenya, including Tanzania, Uganda, and Nigeria, where the activation fees are TSH 12,000, UGX 18700, and 2250NGN, respectively.

How you will earn with Sheer Technologies

Most of these online referral programs are very similar; they always have one thing in common: your main way of earning is through referrals. Sheer Technologies is not different as the primary way of earning is through referrals. You also have other earnings methods that supplement your referral income, as they have been described below.

1. Sheer Technologies Referring

As soon as you create an account with Sheer technologies and activate it, you will find a unique referral link. It is this referral link that you will use to invite anyone who might be interested in joining Sheer Technologies. There are three referrals levels of earnings in Sheer technologies as described below.

Level One: At this level, you will earn from your Sheer technologies’ direct referrals. For every referral in this level, you will Kes 300, equivalent to Tsh 6,000 in Tanzania.

Level Two: when your Sheer technologies level one referrals invite other people to join Sheer technologies, you will earn Kes 100 (equal to Tsh 2,000 in Tanzania) per invitee.

Level Three: This is the last level of referrals earnings in Sheer technologies. You will earn whenever your level two indirect referrals invite other people to join Sheer technologies1. You will earn Kes 50 (equivalent to Tsh 1000) per referral at this level.

To earn from your referrals in Sheer Technologies1, they must activate your accounts. In case you haven’t noticed, Sheer Technologies uses the activation fees of new members to pay old members. Hence there is no possibility of you earning from referrals who have not activated their accounts.

2. Sheer Technologies Blogging

Even without sheer Technologies, blogging has been one of the best ways to make passive income online. The good thing is that you can easily start a money-making blog even without any web development knowledge. One good thing about having your blog is that you can easily monetize it the way you wish and earn as much as possible, depending on your blog’s content.

As of sheer Technologies blogging, you will have to publish articles on specific days. Depending on the number of views your articles get, you can earn about Kes 20 per article. Imagine writing a 500 words article and then sharing it with your friends and social media sites to increase the number of views and then end up earning Kes 20. It can be even worse since you can publish your articles with sheer Technologies and end up earning nothing.

If you are thinking of joining sheer Technologies1 because of blogging, refrain from doing so. You might end up losing more than you will gain.

3. Sheer Technologies Spinning

Sheer Technologies1 offers a free spin to their new members where you will have to spin a wheel marked with different amounts and a pointer. After spinning, the amount you win will depend on where the pointer will land. It is similar to a casino spin wheel; the only difference is that new users are given free spins chances.

Sheer Technologies also have another spin where you can place bets with at least Kes 20 and win or lose. You are not assured of winning with Sheer Technologies spin wheel. In most scenarios, the pointer will land on zero amount. The case of people losing money by spinning is also available in other platforms such as SmartHela, Earnsmart agencies, etc. Betting responsibly by staking what you can afford to lose is highly recommended. If you can, avoiding the spin wheels will be even better.

4. Sheer Technologies paid surveys

Legit online surveys are other ways you can make extra income. These surveys programs are well known and work with top companies worldwide, and are also free to join. Most of them will pay via PayPal, and then you can withdraw to Mpesa. You can read more about legit online surveys by clicking here.

Sheer Technologies also has paid surveys for their active members. However, there is the main difference between the sheer Technologies and legit online surveys. One of them is that sheer Technologies’ ones are general questions that do not seem to be from any company or specific niche. Besides, to participate in sheer Technologies surveys, you must have paid the activation fee.

Is Sheer Technologies legit?

If you hate or are skeptical about referral-based platforms, then joining sheer Technologies1 will only lead to losses. The only people who are making money from Sheer Technologies are earnings from referrals. If you have earned any money from Sheer Technologies, you will for sure be paid as long as you have reached the minimum payout.

If you are interested in joining Sheer Technologies, look for someone who is already a member so you can be guided. You can also use the Sheer Technologies site to join them.


Making money online is not impossible. However, you should be aware of ‘make money online’ scams to avoid losing money and wasting your time. Some ways of making money, such as blogging, selling photos online, writing jobs, online surveys, are popular worldwide, and many people earn from them. Although Sheer Technologies seems like it has some lucrative deals, you will be wasting your investments without referrals.