Mega Chapaa unbiased review

Based on the information on their website, Mega Chapaa is a new online platform with different features that will help its members earn money online.

It has been trending mainly in Kenya, and we decided to write a review about it.

Is Mega chapaa a work from home job that you can earn from using your smartphone? Is it a scam or legitimate? How can I make money with Mega Chapaa? These and many other queries you might have are what we’ll look into in this post.

Although mega chapaa registration is free, you’ll not be able to access its features until you activate your account. The activation fee is Ksh 150, which is non-refundable whether you earn with Mega chapaa or not.

The fee is used to pay the person who invited you, and at the same time, the company will get their commission. This leads us into looking at some of mega chapaa’s features.

Mega chapaa features

Getting a general understanding of what a platform is all about is very helpful, especially due to marketers’ favoritism.

We’ve decided to take a deep dive into some of the features that Mega chapaa promises and give our views on each feature.

According to their website, Mega Chapa has the following features;


Making money when you’re relaxing is cool. You just there with your phone sharing your opinions about specific products or companies sounds, and making an extra dollar is incredible. Do Mega Chapa surveys offer this kind of surveys? Surveys of the sort that you can do for free without being asked to pay a fee first.

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Mega chapaa surveys are pretty different from what described above. Firstly, you cannot access the surveys until you activate your account, meaning they aren’t free. The surveys are also random questions that have no market research intention like regular surveys. You’re also likely to earn less since the money used to pay users who complete surveys are generated from the registration fee.

Don’t expect much from mega chapaa surveys to avoid getting disappointed. There are legit online surveys in Kenya that pay through Mpesa, and they’re all free to join. Survey sites like offernation have variety of surveys and you can withdraw your money anytime you wish. You can choose those as an alternative.

Referring program

The referral program is the most crucial feature in Mega chapaa. Why do I say so?

First of all, it’s the only way the site can make money. For every Ksh 150 paid by a new user, Mega chapaa will make Ksh 40. More new users will mean more money for mega chapaa, and that’s why they give referral commission to their users to encourage them to invite more people.

Members of mega chapaa also understand how a referral program is essential to their income. Being the backbone of how the users make money with mega chapaa, they always aim to get more active referrals.

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When you invite someone to join mega chapaa, you get a Ksh 70 commission. If the person you referred invite another person, you earn Kes 30. You’ll earn Ksh from any referral in the subsequent levels.

All your downlines must pay the joining fee before you earn any commission from them. These will apply to all your referrals at any level, including the ones you invited directly.


Easy money will always attract many people, which is why Kenya has lots of gambling sites. Mega chapaa is not left behind when it comes to gambling. They have a spin wheel where you can place a bet and either lose the stake or gain more than what you gambled if luck is on your side.

As you probably know, gambling companies rarely make losses. Mega chapaa will also want to make a profit from your bet amounts. This is why there are high chances of you losing in the mega chapaa spinning wheel than winning. There is no clear indication that the spinning is regulated by the relevant bodies, posing as a red flag.

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About withdrawals

Like most other platforms in Kenya, the payout method is Mpesa. This is the same case for Mega chapaa. If you are from other countries such as Tanzania, Uganda or Rwanda, you’ll have to inquire more about the withdrawals before joining.


Mega chapaa registration is just the same usual where you have to find a referral link or go directly to their website, to register. The former will be beneficial for your sake since you can inquire about mega Chapa from your referrer.

Your name, username, phone number and email address are some of the details you’re required to enter before clicking the register now button. They have no terms and conditions that you should agree to before joining, which raises another red flag on mega chapaa.

After registration, activating your account will follow and, in this step, you’ve to pay the registration fee. The fee is typically paid through Mpesa, and the account should be activated instantly. Remember that you’ve to have carefully understood that the only way you’re going to earn with mega chapaa and withdraw is through the referral program.


Mega chapaa sounds like a great platform since it has a low registration fee. Even though it might also be a scam, especially for those who can’t recruit other people. Basically, Mega chapaa is a pyramidal scheme since it uses the money from new members to pay the existing members. It is either you recruit or end up withdrawing nothing.