Netpesa technologies explained: Scam or legit

In this Netpesa technologies review, we will look into:

  • What Netpesa Technologies is.
  • How Netpesa technologies work.
  • If netpesa technologies is a scam or not

What is Netpesa Technologies?

Netpesa technologies is an online referral platform that was launched on 10th June 2021. Netpesa owners are similar to those of Ikopesa. They claim to have many ways that the members can make money online using their smartphones.

But is Netpesa Technologies worth joining? Or is it just another pyramidal scheme that will collapse soon? Let’s first examine how it works and then use that information to conclude whether it’s an opportunity to earn money online from home.

How Netpesa Technologies works

To be a member of netpesa technologies, you must do the following

Create a free netpesa account by registering for free. To do this, you’ll use a referral link of someone who is already a member or visit the netpesa technologies site.

You’ll then be required to activate your netpesa technologies account as soon as you register. You must pay the activation fee, Kshs 200, to be an active user of netpesa.

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You can then log in to access your netpesa account. There have been several complaints that Netpesa Technologies delays when it comes to activating new members’ accounts.

Methods of earning in netpesa technologies

Below are some of the netpesa technologies ways of earning. These methods of earnings are based on the netpesa summary being shared in various social media accounts. We’ve tried to explain whether you can make money online with netpesa;

1. Netpesa referral program

Referring is always the primary way of earning in most of these platforms, including Smart Hela, Mula empire, etc. Netpesa Technologies is no different since you’ll rarely make any money without referring others.

When you invite anyone to join netpesa technologies using your referral link, you’ll earn Kshs 100 each. The people you referred to join netpesa must register and activate their accounts with Kshs 200 to be rewarded the Kes 100. If you’re in Tanzania, you’ll earn an equivalent Tsh 2150.

When the people you refer to join netpesa invites other people, you’ll Kshs 50 each. Similarly, they must also pay the activation fee for you to earn the indirect referral commission.

The thing is, netpesa is not selling any products currently they’re earning through people’s activation fees. It means the only way you can constantly earn is if you keep on referring others. Sooner or later, few people will be interested in joining, and those who join during that time will lose their investments.

2. Netspin

Like Ikopesa, Netpesa technologies offers a free spin to their new members. The spin wheel is no different as the results are almost similar. When you spin the wheel, there’s a high probability it will land on zero, and you’ll end winning nothing.

Netpesa technologies spinning is based on luck. It is not something that you can be assured of making money from every day. It can be worse when you decide to use the paid spin; there are high chances you’ll lose.

3. Blog views

Blogging is a good source of income; people are making six-figure income every month through blogging. You can learn read this article on how to start a blog in Kenya and make passive income online.

Netpesa technologies offer their members a chance to write articles. Once the articles are published, the amount they earn depends on the number of views each article gets. Netpesa technologies blog earnings are not as good as you would think, but you can give it a shot if you think it’s worth it.

If you don’t want to start a blog today, opera news hub pays people to write articles every month. Follow this link to learn how you can make money using Opera news hub .

4. Selling airtime and Trivia quizzes

You’ll earn a 5% commission for every you buy or sell to others netpesa. This means for you to earn Kshs 50, you’ll have to sell at least Kshs 1,000 worth of airtime.

The Netpesa trivia quizzes are available twice every week, and you’ll earn Kshs 10 for each question you answer correctly. To withdraw your trivia earnings from Netpesa, you must reach the minimum payout, which might take time.

There are other ways of earning in Netpesa technologies, but as stated earlier, all these different ways of earning strengthen your referral income. This means the amount you earn from netpesa technologies depends on the number of active referrals you have.

Is netpesa technologies legit or a scam

If you aren’t good at referring, netpesa technologies will turn out to be a scam. Otherwise, if you’re good at it, then you can give it a try since you’ll through that way.