Palscity App review | Everything You Should Know

Palscity app is a social media platform like Facebook where you can interact with friends and discover opportunities.

The key attribute of Palscity app that make it different from other social media sites is that it enables you to make money while using the app.

That’s right! Whenever you post, comment or perform other activities on the platform, you get to earn points that can be withdrawn.

It’s a freemium app which simply means that it has both a free version and the pro version. There are various packages you can subscribe to as a pro user, with each having different benefits.

We will dwell much on the palscity free version, which is accessible to anyone.

How does it work

Palscity works in a well-known model where you just create an account and start connecting with friends.

There are many features that you can explore after registering and logging into your palscity account. They include the groups, news feed, pages, trends, make money features, affiliate programs and more.

Let’s take a look at each of these palscity features so that you can understand what you’re getting into before you create an account.


Palscity registration is free, easy and won’t take much of your time.

There are details required for you to fill on the sign-up page, such as name, email address, and password. It’s an illustrated step by step guide that won’t take you long.

After registration is complete, you can log into your account and explore everything that palscity app offers.

How to make money with Palscity App

Palscity has included various money-making features which distinguish it from other social platforms. They include affiliate marketing, commenting and more, as explained below.

1. Through Commenting

Whenever you comment on any post in Palscity, you’ll earn 2 points. The comment must be of great quality, which offers value. Spam comments are rarely rewarded.

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2. By creating new posts

Palscity gives you a chance to update posts on your profile, and as you do so, you’ll earn 5 points per post. Again, the post must be informative, just like you perhaps naturally do on Facebook. While referring to posts, it includes sharing a moment, quotes, images, news and any other form of updates.

3. Reacting to posts

With Palscity app, you’ll earn 1 point whenever you like a post or react in any other such as love, wow etc. Overdoing it on each post will be interpreted as spamming; thus, it should be avoided.

4. Writing Blog posts

Online writing jobs that pay via Mpesa are some of the ways you can make money online in Kenya. The payment is usually high compared to what Palscity app is offering. But it’s still a better option, especially for beginners.

The payment per quality article is 50 points. There’s no limit to the number of articles provided; the quality is of high value.

Alternatively, you can learn how to make money with opera news hub through article writing or read our post on how to start a profitable blog in Kenya.

NOTE: To make $1 (Ksh 100), you’re required to have 1000 points. With 5000 points, you’ll have Ksh 500, which is the minimum payout.

5. Affiliate Marketing

Palscity offers bonuses to users who choose to participate in the affiliate program. You earn by sharing your referral link with your friends or other social media platforms.

The commission rewarded per referral is Ksh 10 ($0.1). The affiliate program is free, and you’ll earn regardless of whether your referrals upgrade to pro or stay on the free account.

The affiliate program gets better, Palscity has partnered with Oracom Group. When you refer someone to buy Oracom Group products such as domain, web hosting, website design, emails and more, you’ll earn a 10% commission per complete sale.

More information on Palscity affiliates can be found on the website or app.

Palscity Business Model

The business model seeks to explain how any company make money. It’s only by understanding how a company generate its revenue you can understand if it’s a scam or not.

The Palscity business model has three main income streams; subscription fees, advertisements and networking, as discussed below.

1. Advertisements

Different brands advertise their businesses and products on the Palscity app. They are charged a fee based on the type of ad and how long it runs. Also, as you might have seen, it seems palscity has monetized using an ad network, bringing more revenue.

2. Subscription

As stated earlier, Palscity is a freemium app. To be a premium member, one must pay the pro membership fees based on the package. By doing so, the users have full access to more benefits, and palscity get more income.

3. Networking

It is done by joining a table where like-minded people can network and sign up for mentorship.

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Palscity for Businesses

Currently, Palscity app has more than 500,000+ users across the world. Given its origin is Kenya, you can expect most of the users are Kenyans.

Businesses can leverage the audience through the B2B solutions to increase their sales. The pro membership, for instance, offers promotion of posts to more users. A feature like that may be helpful to different entrepreneurs who are willing to maximize their profits.

Palscity app seems to be helping not only big brands but also upcoming entrepreneurs. There are cases where even YouTubers are promoting their videos (thanks to the embedding feature) which results in high conversions.

If the app continues growing in terms of users, then it will create more opportunities for businesses.

Final Thoughts

Palscity app development over the last few months has been incredible. The design of the website and the fact that the CEO is well known to make it worth joining.

Yes. Palscity app is not a scam. However, you shouldn’t think of it as an app that you can earn a living with; it’ll only help you make extra income. The benefit is that you can interact with your friends while at the same time make money. And that’s why we believe it’s a legitimate platform.

I have tried using the app, and so far, I have earned a few points. I haven’t withdrawn yet since the minimum withdraw is Ksh 500. Once I hit the payout limit, I will update this post to verify its legitimacy.