Earnjet Agencies Review- Is it a Scam

Earnjet Agencies is an online investment platform operating in Tanzania and Kenya (majorly on the former). It offers the members a high return on investment of up to 600% for 100 days.

The legitimacy of the company is in doubt despite the fact they’ve provided legal documents. We aim at analyzing all its features to help you understand how earnjet agencies work, if it’s a scam and whether it is worth investing with or not.

Is it a work from home job that you can use to earn money online?

Please note, I am not a member or an affiliate of Earnjet Agencies. This review is based on research and information available online in the public domain.
Any recommendations and conclusions are only opinions and may not apply to all persons or situations.

How it works

The entire business model of Earnjet Agencies involves both investments and recruiting of new members. Registration is free, where you must enter your information such as email, name and more before your account is created. After that you can visit earnjet login page to access its features.

The methods of earning with earnjet are limited to only two, which we have analyzed below to give a clear explanation to help you make a better decision.

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Earnjet Investments

The investment interest is 6% per day which is supposed to accumulate to for 100 days. It means if you invest TZS 13,000, you’ll be getting TZS 1294 daily profit, and after 100 days, the total interest will be 64,700.

Such high interests suggest the possibility of Earnjet Agencies being a high-yield investment program HYIP. By Investopedia definition, if a company’s returns are in excess of 100%, it’s probably a fraud and should be avoided or thoroughly reviewed. Earnjet offers six times this percentage in only three months, which is a red flag that shouldn’t be ignored.

There have been other companies that have offered such high returns and eventually scammed their members. We have reviewed most of these platforms like Live Auction and supreme harvesters and warned people not to invest.

Recruiting new members

Whenever earnjet agencies users recruit new members, they are rewarded with referral bonuses. The referring is under the affiliate program.

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It is indicated as optional on the website, but you don’t have much choice considering the other option is investing, which is risky.

The bonus for referring a new member to join earnjet is rewarded upon investment. If you invite someone and they decide not to invest, you won’t earn anything.

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You’ll earn 5% of what each direct referral invests and 2.5% of your indirect referrals (members invited by your direct downlines) investments in Earnjet Agencies.

Affiliate marketing, in general, involves earning a commission when you sell a product or service on behalf of a company. It is mainly carried out using niche blogs to target the right audiences interested in the products and get high conversions.

Earnjet Agencies has no products they’re selling on the website. Since the investment program is not reliable, there is no secure way of making money with Earnjet. It’s either you invest, or you invite other people and encourage them to invest to earn.

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  • It’s free to join, although you can’t earn as a free member.


  • Extraordinarily high interests within a short period suggesting the possibility of it being a scam.
  • No products are involved; hence high chances of being a pyramidal scheme.
  • Earnjet has similar features with past con sites like Kram investments.
  • It is not verified by various financial authorities such as CMA.


I believe you already understand the business structure of the platform. Based on our assessment Earnjet Agencies is a scam with attractive deals to get more members and increase their revenue before it collapses. It is not a reliable online job that you can use to earn passive income.

Some simple features such as a poorly designed website with a common answer to all the questions and lack of ‘terms and conditions’ reduce the site’s trustworthiness by a large deal.

The testimonials provided on the site are from people in the United Kingdom when it operates in East Africa. All these traits and more decreases the legitimacy of Earnjet Agencies.

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