Solar Factory App | Full Review

Welcome to Solar Factory App review

Solar Factory is the recent order-grabbing app claiming to offer an earning opportunity to all its users. They have various distinct packages which offer specific commissions to the members. It was released in mid-august, and it’s been trending in Kenya since then.

This review will help us understand if the Solar Factory app is legit or a scam and whether it’s worth joining. To analyze the app, we aim to analyze all its features, including how it works.

How it Works

Solar Factory app gives daily tasks to its users, which they get commission after completion. The number of tasks varies from the plan the users are subscribed to, with expensive packages having the highest number of tasks.

There’s usually an order which is supposed to be from a popular eCommerce. Then you have to click grab, and the commission reflects into your account.

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Registration is free, but you have to deposit money before you start earning. To create an account, you’ve to find a referrer who will give you a link and then register. The login page is only available on the app.

The business model of Solar Factory depends on the members’ investments. They don’t make any money apart from what you invest as a member. This is why we don’t recommend it to anyone since it shows many signs of being a scam, as illustrated later in this post.

Solar Factory app Package

As stated earlier, to start earning money with a solar factory, you must pay by subscribing to any of the packages available on the dashboard. The subscription fees are referred to as recharge, and they run for around 180 days.

Package 1

It’s the cheapest package in the solar factory app, where members earn between $0.3 (Ksh 30) and $0.45 (Ksh 45) daily income. The recharge fee is $10. The subscription period is 180 days meaning you get to earn a total of about $54 and $84.

Package 2

The recharge in this package is $60 for 180 days. Daily returns range between $3.17 and $3.48, giving a total profit of $570.6 and $626.4.

Package 3

In this package, the daily income ranges from $11.23 to $12.99, translating to between $2021.4 and $2,338.2 for 180 days. To start grabbing orders on this package, one must recharge with $200.

Package 4

The recharge fee for this package is $500, where you can earn between $31.89 and $37.5 daily by completing the orders. It also runs for the same period as the preceding packages.

Package 5

It’s the highest one that a Solar Factory member can subscribe to. The daily income is also high, considering that you can earn between $77.24 and $80. Similarly, the recharge fee is $1,000, which is also high compared to the other packages.

Legit or Scam

The similarities of Solar Factory app and past Ponzi Schemes such as Huluworks are very close. We, therefore, don’t recommend it to anyone who wants to earn money online. It’s a scam that’s not worth joining.

The cases of challenges with withdrawing the money from the app make it even difficult to trust it. Depositing into the app is very easy and fast. When it comes to requesting for payout, the procedure lengthens.

Lack of legal documents, unusual business model, HYIP similarities, unknown owner, and more are some of the reasons that led to the decision that Solar Factory is a scam.


Investing what you can afford to lose is what you should do if you insist on joining Solar Factory App. You can find some legit work from home jobs from which you can earn money and get paid via Mpesa.

Read this post if you would like to learn how to identify a scam platform before investing. Other apps like Solar Factory that have conned Kenyans include Cash24h, which you can read its review here. Survey jobs that pay via Mpesa or Paypal are also another legit way you can make extra income online. One of the top rated survey site is Surveytime.

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