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What is Videopay? How does work? Is legitimate or a scam? Is it worth joining?

Hello and welcome to Online Jobs Reviews . There has been a buzz about, and I decided to look and try to understand the reason for the hype.

High chances are someone introduced you to Video Pay online opportunity, and now you’ve landed here to understand whether it’s a legitimate site.

The good news is I will walk you through what it is, how Videopay works & if it’s a scam or paying site, and more.

Just pay close attention and read this review to the end.

Videopay review: What is it?

Videopay, found online at, is another Get-Paid-To site that claims to be paying its users to watch videos. The videos are said to be from different advertising companies who aims on increasing the profits.

Some of the advertisers include leading retailers, top video bloggers, largest producers of household appliances and travel agencies. This is the information given by the website and there’s no way to verify that it’s true.

According to, the domain was created on February 11, 2021. It’s therefore, a relatively old domain but the website itself is merely a few months old. There’s henceforth less sufficient information pertaining to its legitimacy.

The big question remains whether it’s one of the legit work from home job that pay via PayPal or Mpesa. The only way to completely understand is by in-depth analysis of all its features, as explained later in this review.

How it works

Checking Videopay’s website at a glance, the ideal way of earning is primarily by watching short videos. In addition to that, you can earn extra cash through the referral program.

The main earning methods are explained below:

Watching Videos

Videopay pays 0.60 euros for every 1-minute video watched by a member. The earnings are attractive, and you might want to spend all the time watching the videos.

If you can earn 108 euros by watching videos for 3 hours, why not commit yourself? After all it’s free! Isn’t this a goldmine we have all been waiting for?

Don’t get excited yet! There’s a catch! If you have been active with this kind of online jobs , then you probably understand that making money online is not as easy as they might want you to believe.

How does pay such a high amount of money?

It’s practically unrealistic! The videos are embedded from YouTube. Meaning such high payouts are practically impossible.

According to, YouTube pays between $3 and $5 per 1000 views to their content creators. YouTube may seem like a joke compared to, which has videos that pay even more than 27.75 euros per video.

But it’s not! Videopay is the one running a ponzi scheme. There’s no YouTuber that can promote his video at more than 10 euros on so that he can get 1 view that will pay him less than a cent on YouTube.

The videos are probably there for a showcase to help the YouTubers get more views. If you remember and how it convinced people that they can earn money watching videos, you probably understand.

Sign Up Bonus

When you register with Videopay, they give you 50 euros as a welcome bonus. It’s given to all their members without any restrictions. Unfortunately, you can’t withdraw the bonus. They’ve to ensure you watch the videos and eventually you won’t receive any money from them.

Considering other sites such as Lipapal agencies or BestMula, where you’ve to pay to join, Videopay may sound like the best earning opportunity. However, it’s no different since you’re likely to waste time or your resources on the site without any returns.

Referral Program

You expected this, right?

Referrals are the backbone of any pyramidal scheme. They always include some exaggerated bonuses to encourage users to promote a website or an app. also has a referral program where they pay 40% commission of the amount the invitees make. This is pretty similar with its preceding website including videowallet. If your referral watches a video for 100 minutes, you will earn 24 euros as they earn 60 euros.

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You won’t get paid! Videopay, despite its multiple methods of payment, won’t send your money. They haven’t indicated the minimum payout. You also have to input your payment details before any information about the disbursement of your earnings is released.

Collection of email addresses such as PayPal is risky, especially from such an untrustworthy site. They can empty your PayPal account anytime, and here is how;

During registration, they will ask for your password as well as your email address. There’s no assurance that they cannot access the password. Most people have different emails for different purposes, but the password is always similar. Thus, if you enter your PayPal ID, Videopay might try accessing your account. Alternatively, they might be phishing emails for unnecessary promotions.

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We don’t recommend you join Videopay, so this section may not be necessary.

If you insist on joining, it would be safe to use another email, username, and password different from what you typically use. It will help you avoid compromising the security of the other accounts you may have created online.

Legit or scam: review

Videopay is a scam, with mouthwatering deals to ensure you join. They don’t pay their users; the money is only credited on the account but cannot be withdrawn. If you request for payout, they’ll not disburse the amount.

The unrealistic business model, lack of owner, exaggerated earnings, and many other red flags strengthen the claim that the Video Pay is a waste of time.

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In conclusion, Videopay is not a worth work from home job that you can use to make extra income online. Even though it doesn’t cost anything to join, you may waste time and the cost of buying data bundles to watch the video without any returns.

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