SmartHela Online Business review: All you should know

SmartHela is a new referral-based program with different earning methods such as referring, blogging, etc., which will be broadly explained in this post. SmartHela was launched on 10th April 2021. This review aims to explain how SmartHela works, its legitimacy, and whether it is worth joining at all.

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SmartHela is available in 5 different countries, Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria, Uganda, and Rwanda. In this article, a clear explanation has been given on how SmartHela works in all of these countries

Please note, I am not a member or an affiliate of SmartHela. This review is based on research and information available online in the public domain.
Any recommendations and conclusions are only opinions and may not apply to all persons or situations.

Quick Overview

Name: Smarthela
Price to Join:
Kshs 450
Recommended: No

How does SmartHela work

SmartHela has different earning methods that are available to all its active members. To be a SmartHela active member, you must join and pay the activation fee of KES 450, which is equivalent to TZS 16,000, UGX 18,000, 2000 naira, and RWF 4,500. The activation fee is mandatory, and it is only paid once.


SmartHela methods of earning

There are various ways you can earn money with SmartHela agencies as an active member. They have both major and minor ways of earning, as described below.

1. Through Referrals

SmartHela is not different from other Satoshi agencies platforms like Mula empire since you will also invite other people to join SmartHela.

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SmartHela has three levels of referrals earning as described below

Level 1: In this level, you will earn from your direct referrals, that is, people who join through your unique SmartHela referral link. You will earn KES 250 per person you refer to this level. You can refer as many people as possible.

Level 2: Whenever any referral in your level 1 invites someone else to join SmartHela, you will earn KES 100. The referrals in this level are referred to as level 2 indirect referrals. There is no limit to the number of indirect referrals you can earn from.

Level 3: When your level 2 referrals invite other people, you will earn KES 50 each. Similarly, there is no limit to the number of level 3 referrals you can earn from.

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For example;

Let’s say you refer Steph to join SmartHela; you will earn KES 250(Level 1)

If Steph refers Kelvin, you will earn KES 100(Level 2)

And if Kelvin refers Joyce, you will earn KES 50(Level 3)

Things you should know about SmartHela referrals

  • You will only earn from active members. Meaning before you earn from a particular referral, he/she must have activated his/her account with KES 450.
  • Referring is the major of earning in SmartHela, so you might end up earning nothing if you are not good at it.

2. Through SmartHela Spinning


SmartHela has a spin wheel similar to a casino where members can gamble. You will have to stake at least KES 20 and then spin the wheel. You can either win or lose your money, so gamble responsibly.

As a new SmartHela user, you will also get a chance to spin for free without paying anything. However, the amount that you will win depends on your luck.

3. By watching YouTube Videos

As a SmartHela member, you can watch YouTube videos and earn. The videos are about 30 seconds, and your earnings are very little, even KES 10. It might take you ages to ever withdraw any of your earnings from SmartHela. This is because they have different sections of withdrawing SmartHela YouTube earnings from the referrals’ ones.

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4. Through SmartHela blogging


With SmartHela, you can showcase your article writing skills in the blogging section and earn extra cash. Your earnings will mostly depend on the number of views your articles get. There are also specific days for blogging, and thus you cannot write articles regularly.

Your SmartHela blogging earnings are also withdrawn differently from other earnings. You might therefore end up not withdrawing any of your blogging earnings due to low earnings and high withdrawals limit.

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5. Through SmartHela trivia quizzes.

All SmartHela active members will have a chance to answer simple questions and earn KES 50 if they answer all questions correctly. SmartHela trivia quizzes are only available on specific days in a week.

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6. SmartHela Forex Trading lessons

Forex trading has been very beneficial to many people across the world. SmartHela will teach some basics tips and skills on making it with Forex trading, especially if you are a beginner. It is worth noting that SmartHela gives you only the lessons, and you cannot trade with them. You will have to find a different broker to do SmartHela forex trading.

How to join SmartHela?

If you are interested in joining SmartHela, you must ensure you have KES 450, a mandatory fee to become an active member.

Click here to join SmartHela

As you might have noticed, my SmartHela description above was majorly for Kenyans. I have added another brief SmartHela explanation of it works in other countries.

SmartHela Tanzania

SmartHela is also available in Tanzania, and the joining fee is TZS 16,000.

How SmartHela works in Tanzania

SmartHela’s ways of earnings are no different from the one described above. However, the currencies are different, and you might want to know how much you will earn in each level as described below.

SmartHela Referrals Earnings in Tanzania

Leve 1; You will earn TZS 7,500 whenever someone joins using your SmartHela referral link and activate their account.

Level 2; When your level 1 referrals invite other people, you will earn TZS 3,000 each.

Level 3; In this level, you will earn whenever your level 2 referrals invite other people; your earnings will be TZS 2000 for each level 3 indirect referral.

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Other SmartHela earning methods in Tanzania

Apart from referring, as a SmartHela Tanzania active member, you can earn through all the other methods explained above, including blogging, watching YouTube videos, trivia quizzes, etc.

Smart Hela registration in Tanzania

To join SmartHela in Tanzania, Click here to join SmartHela and select Tanzania as your country.

SmartHela Nigeria

For Nigerians, the SmartHela activation fee is NGN 2000, which is only paid once to become an active member.

How you will earn with SmartHela in Nigeria

By referring others

SmartHela Nigeria, referrals level earnings are as explained below

Level 1: You will earn NGN 900 when someone joins SmartHela directly using your referral link. You can refer as many people as possible as long as they are interested.

Level 2: You will earn NGN 350 whenever your level 1 referrals refer someone else to join SmartHela. There is no minimum number of level 2 referrals you can make from; the higher the number, the more the earnings.

Level 3: Here, you will earn from your level 2 referrals when they invite another person to join SmartHela. You will earn NGN 180 for every level 3 referral you have.

Other SmartHela Nigeria ways of earning

Although referring is the primary method of earning, you can still earn through SmartHela spinning, blogging, trivia quizzes, and all the other techniques described above as a SmartHela member in Nigeria.

How to join SmartHela in Nigeria?

To join SmartHela as a Nigerian, click here and then register. Do not forget to select Nigeria as your country.

SmartHela Rwanda

You can also join SmartHela in Rwanda if you are interested. The account activation fee is RWF 4500 and is only paid once without renewals.

SmartHela methods of earning in Rwanda

How you will earn through Referrals

Level One: In this level, you will earn RWF 2200 for every person who joins SmartHela through your referral link. You can refer as many people as you can, and you will only be paid once your referrals activate their accounts.

Level Two: When your level-one referrals invite other people, you will earn RWF 900 each. You will earn from all your level two referrals as long as they activate their accounts.

Level three: You will earn RWF 450 in this level when your level 2 referrals invite other people, provided their accounts are active.

SmartHela Rwanda other ways of earning

As an active user of SmartHela in Rwanda, you are not limited to earning through referrals only. You can boost your earnings through other methods such as SmartHela blogging, trivia quizzes, watching YouTube videos, etc.

Smart Hela registration in Rwanda

Click here to join SmartHela in Rwanda. Ensure you select Rwanda as your country.

SmartHela Uganda

The SmartHela joining fee for Ugandans is UGX 18,000, which is paid once to become an active member.

How you will earn with SmartHela in Uganda

Through referring

As stated earlier, referring is the primary way of earning in SmartHela. There are also other minor ways of earning, including watching YouTube videos, SmartHela trivia quizzes, spinning, vlogging, etc. Below is a clear explanation of how you will earn in each level of your referrals with SmartHela in Uganda.

Level 1: You will earn UGX 8500 for every direct referral who joins using your referral link.

Level 2: You will earn UGX 3500 for every referral your level 1 downlines invite to join SmartHela.

Level 3: You will earn UGX 1700 for every referral your level 2 downlines invite to join SmartHela.

Click here to join SmartHela in Uganda.

SmartHela frequently asked questions (FAQs)

How much can earn with SmartHela

The amount of money you make with SmartHela will depend on the number of referrals you have. You can even make more than KES 50,000 if you are good at referring. On the other hand, if you cannot refer others, there is a possibility you will earn nothing.

Is SmartHela legit or a scam

SmartHela is a legitimate platform for people who love networking. As long you can invite people to join SmartHela, you will make money and withdraw. However, if you cannot refer, I wouldn’t advise you to put much hope into it since you might be disappointed.

How and when can I withdraw my SmartHela earnings?

You can easily withdraw your SmartHela earnings anytime you wish, provided you have attained the minimum payout. To withdraw, just hit the withdraw tab and enter the amount you wish to withdraw.

If you have more questions or comments about SmartHela, you leave a comment below.

NB: This is just a review of SmartHela, and we are not SmartHela customer care. If you have any issue with your account, kindly visit their website and contact them with a description of your issue.