Prime Ventures Kenya review

Welcome to my Prime Ventures Review!

There has been some buzz about this platform, and I decided to look closely to see what it was all about.

Chances are someone approached you with the Prime Ventures business opportunity, and now you landed here to know if it’s legitimate or a scam.

The good news is I am going to walk you through the platform model, how it works and give my opinion on whether it’s worth your time or not.

Just Pay close attention and read this review to the end. review – What is It?

Prime Ventures is an online platform launched on 8th September with the aim of offering earning opportunities to Kenyans.

Looking closer at the domain,, the site is meant for Kenyans. This can also be verified by the Mpesa Payment Method offered.

There isn’t much information about the platform owner, which is usually the case with other online programs such as Betterdine agencies.

Does YouTube Pay Via Mpesa?

The cost of joining Prime Ventures Kenya is Ksh 100. It’s paid once through Mpesa without any renewals. Note that the registration fee is also non-refundable.

Understanding how Prime Ventures works is important to ensure you won’t lose money. To understand its model, let’s look at its various ways of earning for active members.

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How you earn with Prime Ventures

If you look at the summary being shared across social media sites, you’ll notice that Primeventures has multiple ways of earning. The reality hits when you join and realize that some methods were exaggerated. Below is an in-depth explanation of each form of earning;


It’s essentially the only way you can make money with Prime Ventures in Kenya. Without referrals, the probability of never withdrawing any amount is very high.

For direct referrals, you earn Ksh 50 and Kes 10 for indirect referrals.

For example, say you invite Alice to join Prime Ventures, you earn Kes 50. When Alice invites someone else, you earn Kshs 10.

The referral bonus is low, given the joining fee is meager. Which is the case with Ikopesa, the only difference being that Ikopesa has a digital product it gives to all new members.

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Can I earn with free referrals?

The answer is NO. Your referrals must pay the registration fee before you get the commission. Meaning you will have to look for people and convince them to pay the registration fee. Is it worth it? You’re the only one who can answer.

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Paid Surveys

The surveys in prime ventures are in the form of questions. You earn 10 Bob per correctly answered question. Since there are ten questions, the potential earnings are Kshs 100, about $1.

Before you get excited, the surveys are merely a marketing technique to lure you into becoming a member. So, they will barely pay you without referrals.

Paying Survey Sites in Kenya

I am always advocating for free legitimate market research survey sites that pay you for your opinion, where there’s no wrong or correct answer. A good example, being which pays people across the world $1 per complete survey.

You can read our list of legit online surveys that pay through Mpesa.

Watching YouTube Videos

The pay for watching a ten seconds YouTube video is apparently 10 Kenyan Shillings. This is what is indicated in the Prime Ventures summary.

Honestly, I wouldn’t spend much time on this, given the history of similar programs like Safwork. Yes, those who joined wasted their data bundles subscribing to YouTube channels and watching videos without any payout.

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Another factor is that the YouTube earnings are withdrawn independently; even worse, there are not enough videos to earn a significant amount.

Spinning Wheel

Spin wheels are almost in each online platform, especially the pyramidal scheme. It has been used as bait since last year by the infamous Earnsmart agencies.

I won’t explain more about Prime Ventures spinning as I am sure it’s just yet another enticing feature that will not earn you much money.

You can read our previous reviews to comprehend how spinning is used as a marketing strategy to get more referrals.

Is it worth joining?

The correct answer is it depends on you. If you’re used to joining the referral programs and pyramidal schemes, Prime Ventures Kenya may be suitable for you.

The low joining fee means that you’re risking much less compared to Pataqash Technologies. On the other hand, referral commissions on are relatively low.

The site hasn’t revealed any legal documents to prove its legitimacy. The owners or founders are also not known. All these red flags signal the potentiality of Prime Ventures being a scam.

As for withdrawal proofs, we have seen some cashouts via Mpesa, which probably signals that the site is paying. You’d have to experience it to confirm.

Bottom Line

The bottom line of this Prime Ventures Kenya review is that it’s suitable for people willing to network. Without recruiting others, you’ll be wasting your money.

I don’t recommend the site to our readers as it’s not an online job that pays via Mpesa where everyone can benefit. There will be more losers than profiteers due to the pyramidal structure.

If you must join, ensure you understand the working model of to be on the safe side.

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